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Zte Red Bull V5(all versions) Get the Root tutorial

2018-04-14 06:24:29

The overall design of Red Bull V5 is youthful and energetic. The interior of the fuselage is made of high-strength metal materials, the exterior is made of plastic materials, and the back is made of ergonomic large arc design. The fuselage size is 139x71x8.9mm, weighing 165g, in addition to the standard black and white fuselage color matching. There are four different personalities of lime green, ice sea blue, girl pink, primrose yellow after the shell. Removing the Root permission Preparations: 1. Open USB 2. Install the driver (necessary for wire brush)· Master connection automatic installation: download the Root tool (must be removed)· Download the Root card brush package to: (924.54KB) Download the third party Recovery to the computer (choose to download according to your model)· Red Bull V5(version) : Red Bull V5().zip(10.53MB)· Red Bull V5(mobile) : Red Bull V5(mobile).zip(10.53MB)· Red Bull V5(version) : Red Bull V5().zip(10.53MB) Computer wire brush Third party Recovery Using Red Bull V5(version) as an example: 1. Open the USB debugging 2. Double-click on the PC to open the one-click brush into Recovery.bat file 3 in the folder you extracted. Follow the prompt in the DOS window that opens and brush into the third-party Recovery, the system automatically restarts and enters the Bootlader mode 4. If the driver is restarted, the system is successfully flushed. Otherwise, check whether the driver is normal and perform the preceding steps again to enter the Recovery mode and flush the file. 1. Turn off the machine completely (turn off for quick restart), hold down the volume down button + Power button at the same time, and enter Recovery mode 2 after a few seconds. Enter the Rec and select "Install ZIP brush package" 3. Select the "" file downloaded just now and confirm the swipe. Finally select "Restart device" after the boot so far, your Red Bull V5 successfully obtained Root permission this model can also use a key root master to obtain root permission steps as follows: First of all, you need to download and install a key Root master to the computer, a key Root master PC version download address: Use the data cable to connect to the one-click Root master, as shown in 2 below. Wait for the one-click Root Master to connect with success, click [Get Root] 3. Wait for about one or two minutes, one key Root master will prompt: getting Root permission, please wait... 4. Finally, you will be prompted: You have successfully obtained the Root permission, and some items need to be restarted to take effect