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Multilingual display

You don't need to teach bilingualism, okay? How to use it?

2018-03-16 06:24:00

Is bilingualism useful without being taught? How does it work? This is a lot of parents want to know, here, I have used their own effects in the following article to tell you. I hope this will be helpful to all parents.


Bilingualism does not require instructional discs




Bilingual animation does not have to be taught, which is in line with the learning characteristics of children learning while playing, and can be said to be the most suitable early education method for babies. Now when parents are like this, no one is willing to let their children lose at the starting line, but personal now a little doubt about the ability of early education classes, and tuition fees are so expensive. Bilingualism is more suitable for the physiological characteristics of children's hearing system through the unique adjustment of tone and strength, thus stimulating the rapid development of the right brain. While the system develops the right brain, the baby can fully mobilize his imagination in learning and achieve independent understanding.


Bilingual teaching is in line with the right brain learning rule, is the most convenient early education think about it, most children like to watch animation, there are many babies learn knowledge may not remember so much, but when watching animation inside the characters, scenes, are very clear, why is this, because children like to watch, is to seize the child's interest point, Let your child learn by playing and play while learning.


One hour a day is the same as watching TV, one is that he will not be serious for a long time, and too long is not good for the eyes. All things considered, 1 hour a day is fine.


Repeat play, the child will be familiar with the content, I give my baby every day will first put the previous day's content, and then put the new content, so that he is equivalent to review the previous day's content every day. It's very effective. Now I can sing along to what's in it.

Matters needing attention

Don't watch it for too long every day


Don't be around when kids are watching