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Yanji one day tour guide

2018-04-08 06:24:45

While the sun is right, while the breeze is quiet. While the flowers are still young, the roseleaf is still young. Can also go a long, long way, can also tell the deep deep miss. Seek out the paths, mountains and fields that once appeared in your dreams.


Changmai is the source of the Yalu, Songhua and Tumen rivers. It is the birthplace of Manchu in China and the holy mountain of Manchu culture. The word "Changbai" of the long vein also has a beautiful meaning, that is, it is a good look, and to the white head, it represents people's yearning and praise for loyalty and happy love.


Maoer Mountain National Forest Park is known for its rich national culture, forest culture and regional culture. Maoer Mountain is the natural viewing platform of Boerha and Hailan River. From the main peak to the northeast, you can see the Yanji Basin. Overlooking to the south, the leisurely flowing Hailan River is silver inlaid on the lily-scented Hailan River everywhere.


Burha geographical location in Yanji City, the source of Harba Ridge, zigzag southeast flow 994 miles, through the county government south east, Hailan River with numerous water east flow from the right bank to meet, bend the northeast flow, with the Ga Ya River, and the east note in Tumen River. Burhatun Manchu means willow River and gets its name because the banks are covered with willow trees.


Jindalai Folk Village is located in the west town of Helong City, is a collection of tourism, leisure, experience, farm music as one of the characteristics of the Korean folk village, is also one of the few villages in the region composed of all Korean ethnic groups.


This is a Korean folk village with very national characteristics, the air, the city roads are clean, and the villagers are hospitable.


The street lights in this village are made in the shape of Jindalai flowers, which are very cute. Seeing a lot of old people sitting on the floor at the door chatting is very similar to the scene in "Please Answer 1988" in the Doksun mothers chatting, it is really very interesting.