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Yamaha RX-V375QH amplifier out of the box test

2018-01-07 17:36:00

In fact, there has been no research on audio, power amplifier these things, and there is no money to research, the legendary HIFI million below listen to a ring, this threshold is completely untouchable. Later, the family bought a second-hand house, the original owner said that the TV and stereo left you, but the amplifier I want to take away. So, in order to use the stereo set, can only chop hands to build a power amplifier.

1. Unpacking

Start printing


When the original merchant sent it over, the outer packaging still had a layer of foam paper, and the carton was thick enough.


Except for the instructions, everything is here, on the left is: AM antenna -FM antenna - antenna adapter - remote control Chinese panel sticker - remote control - power amplifier


Let's get a head-on shot. Black and gold


The back interface is rich, and there are 4 HDMI inputs, which is very practical


The heat sink above is a little worried about dust accumulation



All kinds of identifiers, but there is no USB interface, no Bluetooth, no WIFI, no NFC, because it is rarely used, so it is free, there is an AUX interface sometimes to listen to the song


The front buttons are not bad, is this effect called matte drawing? Not quite understand


Stereo and antenna interface, excellent workmanship


Various input and output interfaces, but it does not seem to support the direct use of the TV speaker for sound output, through the power amplifier connected equipment must be played with audio, so the radio and television set-top box can only be connected to the TV, after all, there is no need to use audio to watch TV.


MX5 PRO+V375 power amplifier + ten years ago, the sound quality, as a small white, can only say that it is OK


Take a positive picture, do not care about my line, when the shooting is still testing, after all, the home has not been fully decorated, so the test is good and put away the END

2. Hardware appearance design

HIFI Player + power amplifier


For music playback, V375 comes with a number of sound effects, usually I use the most forced 5 channels, 2.1 sound source used after the effect is very good. Force the two surround speakers to run END

Iii. Summary

Advantages: 1, the setting is relatively complete 2, the interface is rich, 4 HDMI access 3, the sound effect selection is more END