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Xiao Ant 4K action camera boot test how?

2018-02-27 04:48:00

With the progress and development of today's science and technology, there are a lot of fresh network equipment and network technology, especially the replacement of digital products is very fast, let's take a look together, Xiao Ant 4K motion camera boot test how?




Laptop or desktop computer


Network equipment


The first step, first from the packaging point of view, the camera released this time uses square paper packaging, and the front is a white ant 4K action camera. The left side shows the camera in five colors: rose gold, native gold, space gray, pure white and pure black.


In the second step, the right side shows the five parameters of the camera. The back gives a proof of the camera shot. The paper packaging box is opened in a pull type, and the packaging inside is adsorption type, and the two pulls are completed, and the Ant 4K action camera is presented in front of our eyes.


The third step, this evaluation of the camera for the quiet low-key pure black. The body is made of black hard plastic material, full of texture. On the front of the camera is a protruding camera with the words "4K video" next to it


recording/12MEGA pixel


The word "photo" tells us that this camera supports 4k video shooting, as well as photos up to 12 megapixels. On the far left of the front is an LED indicator.


Step 4: The back of the camera is a 2.19 inch touch screen, and the top right corner is the LOGO of Xiaoyi Camera. As the screen rotates to the top, it is the only button of the camera, which has the function of turning on and off the machine and taking photos. On both sides of the key are the two microphone ports of the 4K action camera of Xiaoyi, and the many holes arranged in the right matrix are the sound amplification holes of the camera.


Step 5: On the right side of the screen is the camera's charging and data interface, which is protected by a dust plug. The lower side is the battery cover and label, next to the selfie stick and bracket spiral interface. Open the battery compartment designed by the clip, inside is a 1400mah battery, and the TF card slot.


The sixth step, talking about the selfie stick, this assessment is the additional purchase of metal Bluetooth selfie stick, mainly composed of three parts, the upper part is a fixed camera interface, metal material, support camera rotation for selfie. The central part is an aluminum telescopic rod, which is divided into 5 levels, and the length of the handle can reach 1 meter after all of them are pulled out.


Step seven, the lower part is a matte handle, which is fixed on the Bluetooth selfie module. The Bluetooth module can be removed, the white button is the shutter button, and there is a camera/photo conversion button, which can be manipulated by connecting the camera via Bluetooth.


First, the hardware configuration article introduced the appearance, we must have a general understanding of this camera, the following to introduce the camera inside the things - hardware configuration. As listed on the package, 4K video shooting, 2.19-inch touch display, 2-hour battery life, 5GHz wifi, and the new Amba A9 CPU. The Ant 4K action camera is equipped with the latest SONY IMX377 image sensor camera, a 155° ultra-wide Angle lens with 7 optical lenses, a maximum aperture of F2.8, and supports 4K/30 frame video recording. Powerful imaging parameters can not be completed without a powerful processing chip, the camera released this time is equipped with a new generation of Anba A9SE75 chip, strong performance 3 seconds fast boot. At the same time, the 2.19-inch touch display with 330PPI has a 16:9 display Angle of 160 degrees. The camera is equipped with a 1400mAh smart battery, so that the camera can shoot 4K/30 frames of video for 2 hours when the display and WiFi are fully turned on. Adopts Broadcom BCM43340 chip, dual-frequency high-speed wifi, taking into account 5GHz and 2.4GHz transmission technology, wave penetration and anti-interference. In addition, the Xiaoant 4K action camera also has a built-in Bosch BMI160 6-axis gyroscope, which supports gravity sensing, dual microphones, Bluetooth low power controller, electronic anti-shake, lens deformity correction and other auxiliary functions.


Step 9, the software operation article introduces the powerful hardware configuration, below we start, feel the software operation interface of this action camera. First, hold down the power button for 3 seconds and the camera will start. The camera interface is roughly the same as the general camera interface. The upper right corner shows the battery, the lower right corner is the setting button, the upper left corner shows the remaining memory capacity, and the lower left corner is the preview button.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to keep the power supply adequate


Take care to keep the network unblocked