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Workplace etiquette for newcomers

2018-02-23 16:00:00

As a newcomer to the workplace, you must learn some workplace etiquette.


. Including making and receiving calls. When you play, you must pay attention to the time, and do not play during the rest of others, which will make people feel very impolite. When picking up, because timely pick up, do not let the other party wait for a long time.


Business card. Always accept someone's business card with both hands to show respect. After getting the other party's business card, you can't tuck it into your pants pocket at will, otherwise the other party will feel very uncomfortable. Hand out your business card with both hands, and say something polite like "Please advise me".


Shake hands. You should look the person in the eye and smile when shaking hands.


Regards. When greeting, pay attention to greeting properly and worry about each other's privacy. When greeting, do not only greet familiar people and people with more status, the people around the fight to greet.


Talk. When two people are talking, the language should be slightly subtle and gentle, and do not give a feeling of domineering.