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Work, how to study English at home?

2018-03-16 17:36:50

Two tools are becoming more and more important in the work, they are: English, computer. Especially for many people working in foreign companies or joint ventures, a large part of the information you need is in English. So it is imperative to learn English well. However, the knowledge of high school English is forgotten in four years of college, how to quickly make up for it


Go through the pronunciation first, so that you don't speak English that others can't understand. Buy a voice book, many voice books have pronunciation rules also have tongue position, mouth shape, and there are matching audio and video, insist on getting a book, voice is not too big of a problem


A vocabulary book, after work your vocabulary should be at the level of 3,000 to 4,000.


Listen to a lot of people talking and talking on the radio. Gradually improve your listening skills.


Learn English and write by yourself at the same time. Learn to write some sentences and write some short essays by yourself.

Method/Step 2

Plan realistically, don't aim too high.


Have a strong will to study every day, not because of some things and delay the study.


In order to really learn the words and sentence patterns, the second day must review the first day, and the third day must review the content of the second day and the first day


The textbook you choose can be one or two sets, but not too many. There is no good or bad book for learning English, as long as you can follow one or two sets of learning, you will be able to learn well.