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windows 10 How to install How to install the win10 operating system

2018-03-12 09:36:12

In October 2014, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build operating system. And provide windows 10 technical preview version of the ISO image cn_windows_technical_preview_x64_dvd_5552498.iso file size is 3.96GB win10 technical preview version, there may be shortcomings and bugs and compatibility problems. If you want to try it, it is recommended to install dual systems; Microsoft welcomes suggestions and BUG feedback from windows10 users. How to install windows10 operating system? Author: Master of auspicious help


windows 10 ISO installation image


To obtain the windows 10 ISO installation image: Genuine users can go to the Microsoft community to obtain the windows 10 Technical Preview Build installation image, Other users can go to MSDN I tell you- Operating system - Windows-Technical Preview Build to get the X86 or X64 system image installation file, please select the number of bits according to your memory capacity


Burning a USB flash drive: The installation method of windows10 is not very different from the installation method of Windows 8. It is recommended to burn the system ISO image to a 4GB USB flash drive using UltraISO and start the Windows 10 USB flash drive using the USB flash drive. The installation process of Windows 10 USB flash drive is as follows:


boot shortcut key: Burn the windows10 USB flash drive boot disk and restart the computer, press the boot shortcut key to enter the boot shortcut menu, different models have different boot shortcuts, some models do not have the boot shortcut key, you need to enter the BIOS to set the first boot option. I am a Lenovo notebook, boot LOGO also prompts you to press F12 to enter the shortcut menu


Boot Options Menu: Select the windows 10 USB flash drive from the arrow key after entering the shortcut boot menu. Press Enter to confirm. If you enter BISO and set the USB flash drive as the first boot device, save the changes and start the USB flash drive directly


Windows installer: After starting the USB flash drive, the system startup information burned in the USB flash drive will be automatically read, and the Windows installer window will appear, the language to be installed, the time and the format of the cargo ratio, the keyboard and the input method will be default, directly click Next


Install now: The Windows installer pops up and click Install Now. The repair computer in the lower left corner is used to repair the system with windows10 operating system installed. Note: If the mouse does not work, please replace the mouse without driver or wireless mouse


Microsoft Pre-Release Software License Terms: This is Microsoft's pre-release Windows operating system license terms, check the check box to understand the relevant matters, click Next


Windows installation type: windows10 and the previous version of windows provide upgrade installation and self-installation of two installation methods, upgrade installation in the premise of retaining your Windows Settings directly upgrade, self-installation is completely reinstall the new system, it is generally recommended to choose self-installation, Xiaobian also choose self-installation


Primary partition selection: windows10 operating SYSTEM needs to be installed to the primary partition, can not be installed to the logical partition, select your system partition after clicking format, formatting is complete click next small series here is to install a dual system, so choose to install to the new volume, without selecting the system partition


Installing Windows: Select Windows 10 installation partition to automatically expand the ISO image file, this process may take some time, please wait


Preparing the device: After the image file is successfully expanded and installed, the computer automatically restarts. After the restart, the device is preparing


Basic steps: Next, the windows10 installer prompts you to complete the basic steps, including Internet access, setup, and login


Skip the network connection: If you don't have WIFI you can skip the network connection and go to next


Quick Settings: We recommend using these Settings, some of which sometimes send messages to Microsoft, here it is recommended to click on Use Quick Settings, the system default Settings


Create an online/local account: Since windows8, the system provides support for two kinds of Microsoft accounts: local account and online account. If you connect to WIFI, you can set an online account. If you do not connect to WIFI, you can only click to create a local account


Related Settings: After setting the account information, click Next to enter the related setting process, including obtaining the application from the application provider, which is automatically completed


Desktop icon: After successful completion, enter the windows 10 system desktop, there are Recycle Bin and Welcome to Tech preview icon, right-click on the desktop - Personalization - Desktop icon - Check computer, user's file - Application - OK, add the computer and user folder to the desktop


windows10 installation completed: windows10 has been successfully installed. Click the menu icon in the lower left corner to see Windows 10's unique Windows7 style Start menu

Matters needing attention

windows10 preview version has shortcomings, it is recommended to install dual system to experience


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