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Why do women return home less and less often after marriage?

2018-03-14 03:12:28

Married women, poured out the water, and then married people, the number of times you go home is not countable, it is not that you do not want to go back, but your time to go back, will let you delay returning to the mother's home, so why the number of women return to the mother's home less and less after marriage?


He is not happy, dare not go back home. How many women after marrying out, they are not happy, do not dare to go back to the family, for fear of being looked down upon by them, or afraid of their sadness, and caused the reason why they did not dare to go back to the family.


Married too far, the cost is too high to afford. Especially many women choose to marry for love, even if there is that thought to go back to the mother's home, it will produce the phenomenon that the high cost of travel can not afford it, it will cause a woman to have a heart, so the number of times to go back to the mother's home, even less, or for several years do not go back to the mother's home.


Time does not allow, life is not easy. Because the time is not allowed, their life is not comfortable, sometimes they especially want to go back to the family, but the time is not allowed, but again and again missed the time to marry home, by their parents complain, so there will be guilt.


My husband's family does not have the economic strength of the back, earning money to support the family. When I married my husband's family, I knew that their family's economic strength was not good, and I only fought my life to earn money to support the family, I wanted to make my life some, I could live happily, but for the matter of returning to my mother's family, I even did not go home for several years, it is so that you can not withdraw to return to my mother's family.


Children go to school without guidance, teach children to study well. Now that you have a child, you can realize that your parents want you to go home, and you go to school for your children and no one to tutor, at this time you can't leave, you want to teach your children to learn well, and you have to abandon the time to go home to see your parents.


You can't keep a woman in the house, you live as a nanny. When a woman gets married, the family has the support of a child, it will make the woman more and more time, no matter when the woman is inseparable from the home, because the woman at home is inseparable, the life of her own live as a nanny, to serve the family's young and old.


Summary: For parents, you are really unfilial, don't wait until the parents are gone, you will regret, it is too late, while the parents are alive, we must often go home to see, we can accompany them time is not much, why waste the time we get along with them, no matter how far, as long as your heart is connected, the people concerned are always waiting for your arrival.