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Why do not dare to chat up? What problems hinder the reason of chatting up

2018-03-17 11:12:37

To say that pick-up is really a technical job, especially in the face of the desired girls, because of fear of rejection and dare not to pick up, is in GaGa,, and other social software also dare not to pick up the desired girls, what problems are preventing you to pick up the goddess in your heart?


Fear of rejection, fear of being laughed at: To put it bluntly, it is afraid of being rejected, failing, being laughed at by others, and so on. Because with a indifferent attitude to the face of the girl, only in this way can reflect the charm of a man.


There are only two outcomes to this question, happiness and pain. No refusal or no flirting is pain, and after the success of the flirting is exciting joy.


The thought of judging people by their appearance: It is said not to judge people by their appearance, but the reality is a face-looking society, what can you do? So it depends on the individual's point of view, if you can do not look at the appearance and judge a person is the best.


Silly worship: Often through GaGa// and other social software to compliment the goddess in the heart, when she is accustomed to it, a little change will get her ignore.


Predestination thinking: Don't mistake flirting for predestination, meet at the same time, at the same place, and then you go to chat up this is predestination?


Think that the person who accosted is not a good person: often many girls will think that the boy who accosted me is not a good person, so that you dare not come forward to accosted. What I'm trying to say is just keep your morals and commitment and don't care what happens after someone hits on you.