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Why did Chang Jin Lake Director turn to Jackson Yi

2018-05-05 17:36:19

Wu Jing recommended Yi Yangqianxi to participate in Changjin Lake, because he appreciated Yi's character, and his professional attitude, in the circle everyone recognized that Yi Yangqianxi is the most dedicated actor. "Changjin Lake" released six days, the box office has been 2.3 billion, far more than the National Day file other films, into the biggest winner of the holiday. This set of family feelings and brothers in one of the movie, the war scene is magnificent, the plot ups and downs, breathtaking, while feeling the victory, but also let us see the predecessors of the martyrs is not easy, more let us cherish the present life. The success of "Chosin Lake" can not be separated from the credit of three directors, Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Dante Lam, as well as the superb acting of the lead actors Wu Jing and Jackson Yi. In a tidbits interview for the filming of "Changjin Lake", Yi Yangqianxi said that the director Chen Kaige helped him a lot and would tell him what to do. This is the exquisite picture we can see now, the director and actors are very serious shooting, praise for their professionalism, this is such a wonderful "Chosin Lake".