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Who is the founder of hot pot

2018-05-15 04:48:52

The founder of spicy Zhuang hot pot is Lu Xiaoxu, a veritable rich second generation, he is Bao Beier's childhood. In most people's eyes, the rich second generation of entrepreneurship is simply too simple, plus star effect, success is taken for granted. But in fact, this rich second generation entrepreneurship is not easy, struggling for many years, experienced a variety of experiences such as sealing, losing money, and finally he was successful after precipitation. Spicy Zhuang hot pot from the ice city started, within two years to develop more than 100 doors. There are many theme restaurants in the catering industry, but there are not many influential brands like Spicy Zhuang. He created a new experiential restaurant. For caterers, the customer allele is usually with two kinds of mood, one is the hope that the more people wait for the better, while very afraid of customers will be lost, and hot pot will make the allele area into an entertainment area, such as face change projects, so that actors to customers to interact with them, create an atmosphere, in the process of allele customers will not feel bored, On the contrary, they enjoy the process for hours, and even the customers themselves lose track of time.