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Whitening skin in the sun

2018-04-11 22:24:35

Whitening is also not an overnight thing, when the hot sun ravages your skin, it is announced that we and the UV whitening war has begun! What kind of whitening is the most thorough? Want to become white, kung fu must be home to go, from cleaning to skin care, every care details and steps must be adhered to, carried out in the end will be effective, only the whitening project to be perfect, do not leak, you can have a clean and flawless beautiful skin. Action 1: The first step of deep cleaning and whitening campaign Ispel experts suggest that female friends in the use of whitening care products before, first use a cleansing cloth for the skin to carry out a thorough cleaning movement, the face of the makeup, dirt and cuticle are washed, and then put on whitening care products, in order to let the whitening essence directly to the bottom of the skin, so that the skin can effectively absorb. Using the texture of the cleansing cloth, it can also achieve the effect of massaging the face skin, so that the pressure on the face can also be slowly released. Action 2: Whitening and conditioning to remove the melanin in the skin after cleansing, it is necessary to use a moisturizing toner containing whitening ingredients. Some whitening toner containing vitamin B3 and mulberry essence can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibit the production of melanin, usually can be used as a toner, if it is soaked with a cotton pad, it can be used as a whitening mask to strengthen whitening moisturizing care. Long-term use of moisturizing, whitening and conditioning products can improve the water content of the skin, so that the skin is white at the same time, but also make the skin more transparent, and after the balance of water and fat, it is easier to absorb the maintenance products. Action Three: Whitening mask for skin whitening SPA nowadays, many brands have launched a variety of whitening masks in season, we can choose a mask made of pure cotton film, a better whitening mask rich in whitening essence, may be equivalent to the capacity of a whole bottle of essence, can inhibit the generation of skin melanin, so that the skin after sun supplement adequate nutrition in time, Speed up the whitening effect. Some brands of facial masks also specially strengthen the design of eye coverage, so that the skin around the eyes is also followed by whitening. After the use of whitening mask after cleaning the skin and whitening conditioning, the skin will feel like a whitening SPA treatment, at this time, then wipe on the whitening maintenance products, the absorption effect becomes twice the result with half the effort! Action 4: Whitening essence for the skin to whiten and nourish Want to white faster, whitening essence must not be lacking, the reason is called "essence", the meaning is that all whitening essence is concentrated in a small bottle, may be expensive and painful, but its effect is also immediate, so in order to white to beauty, this investment is absolutely can not be saved. The most important thing is that if you choose the right serum for your skin, you can usually see the whitening effect after 4 to 8 weeks.