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Which places have good recommendations for bathing

2018-03-24 12:48:13

The bath technique is soft, mainly push, press and contact, and massage along the muscle fiber, parotid gland, and capillary blood, giving people a relaxed and pleasant, natural and elegant feeling.


Bath can make the muscle fiber good activity, promote the excretion of nutrients in the muscle tissue, tighten the stretched muscle tissue, and improve the tolerance of the muscle tissue.


Bath massage is a kind of health care massage method based on the reason of human meridians and acupoints. In fact, I feel that the body is covered with a lot of acupoints, such acupoints are not necessarily related to the internal organs of the body, and the stimulation of such acupoints can effectively promote the recovery of a relatively small part of the symptoms, can stop the pain, and eliminate the level of laziness. According to this type of operation of traditional Chinese medicine, bath massage is for this kind of acupoint, health massage technique, shiatsu hanging slip, press the nail edge step and other skills to stimulate the acupoint, in order to reach the doctor, exercise and fitness indicators.


Often, the foot does not get rid of the customer's body when jumping. According to the physical quality of the servant, the stampede strength and jumping intensity can be gradually ease. When clapping the chest and abdomen, the servant is told to breathe with each other as the jumps fall, and as the breath comes up, it should not be held, as the speed should be smooth and rhythmic.


Bath to carry out health massage, point pressure, massage, kneading, hammering, promote the team of persuasion, showing a solid health results. Therefore, the same usual through one and a half hours of foot care, or play a meridian dredging, accelerate nerve conduction, promote the blood circulation system, improve the effect of immunity. So many recipients, after a health massage, generally feel relaxed and relaxed, and have a significant reduction in some symptoms.


Gua Sha therapy is a common folk bathing therapy in China. After the whole process of scraping therapy, it can often make the patient's head clear and refreshing, and the disease is lost. Because this kind of gate is easy to use, geometry years, very popular with people.