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Which headphones are more suitable for running and listening to music?

2018-01-12 16:00:00

Which headphones are more suitable for running and listening to music?


In-ear headphones: When running is such a strenuous exercise, only in-ear headphones can ensure the firmness of wearing. The wearing of QY8 is still relatively firm, and the user can also adjust the length of the earphone cable through the cable buckle, in order to get the most comfortable and firm wearing effect. After wearing this headset, I also tested the QY8 with running, jumping, sit-ups and push-ups. The wearing effect is maintained well, the earphone can be firmly hung on the ear, the earphone line does not appear bound, the overall wearing feeling is very light, and it is still a good choice for sports.


Earphone: different auriculae may be uncomfortable, easy to run when it is also easy to shake off or too tight uncomfortable. At the same time, it is inevitable to shake up and down when running, and it is easy to feel that the song sound is small.


Headphones: The weight is too heavy, and the in-ear type can not hear the outside sound. And the ears are wrapped tightly, running after sweating will feel the ears are covered very hot uncomfortable.


Bone conduction earphones: If this black technology earphones are used to listening to traditional earphones, large and small, the sound quality is strange after wearing bone conduction earphones. First of all, the low frequency can hardly be felt, the medium frequency and high frequency are not very obvious, but the clarity of the sound is still good compared to the weak low frequency. In addition, the sound quality is better when the vibration module of the headset is close to the ear, but overall, the sound quality of the bone conduction headset is simply not comparable to that of traditional headphones.