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Where to shop in Korea? South Korea's popular shopping rankings

2018-03-13 22:24:49

Every time, many friends ask me before going to South Korea, when I go to South Korea, what do I buy the most cost-effective, which shopping things are more favorable? In this regard, I summarized the following experience, now share with you, hope to be a reference.


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Popular Shopping - Shinsegae Department Store and Shinsegae Department Store Myeongdong Duty Free Korea Shinsegae General Store is the first department store in Korea and has a long history and tradition. The product quality is reliable and the service level is first-class. Shinsegae Department Store in South Korea not only brings together brand products from all over the world, but also Korean local products such as kimchi, nori and ginseng. Special memorable gifts are offered to visiting visitors. It is located in the Seoul area, close to the Namdaemun Market and other tourist attractions brimming with Korean culture, so tourists can enjoy shopping while traveling. The New World was renovated in early August 2005 and has a completely new look. A wide range of goods and services, foreign language service, and traditional Korean food are offered to customers. - Shinsegae Myeongdong duty-free opening in Korea will be another new shopping world - originally there was only one duty-free opening in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea - but recently South Korea allowed Shinsegae Department Store in Korea to open duty-free opening - so next May, there are two big duty-free opening in Myeongdong - Previously visitors to Myeongdong were not allowed to choose, only one duty-free opening - After Shinsegae duty-free opening in Korea, It is easier for tourists to shop, and there are two shopping places to choose from - and Shinsegae Department Store is the first department store in Korea and the most expensive department store in Korea


Shinsegae Department Store FAMILLE STREET is a large shopping mall located on the basement floor of Shinsegae Department Store Korea in Seoul. New World Department Store FAMILLE


STREET has been reborn as a Korean hyperscale shopping mall with an area of 15,207 square meters and about 90 consumer brands. Shinsegae's FAMILLE STREET is one of South Korea's first collections of street brands popular with young people. There are not only mass brands, but also street brands with unique personalities have a wide range to choose from. Feature :YOUNG FASHION's brand for street fashion enthusiasts - THIS IS NEVER TAHT as a street brand - is synonymous with the U.S. Department of Defense's official procurement company title Alpine Industry20~30 years old symbol brand - a brand loved by young people all over the world. - Full of SPA brand UniQlo, Adidas, New Balance, LAP and other popular brands. FASHION ACCESSORY - FOLLI FOLLI, Cruciani and other sensual design accessories. - AGATHA PARIS, STYLUS and other accessories that transform you into a cute girl. - KAKAO FRIENDS, a theme retailer of KAKAO TALK, which is popular in Korea, Japan and China, and HATS, which is popular among Korean idol stars


ON 'and other brands that stimulate young people's curiosity. Women are enticed by a variety of COSMETIC brands as well as cosmetic items in FAMILLE STREET. Representing French naturalistic cosmetics brands L 'Occitane and LANVIN,JIMMY


Fragrance buyers from luxury brands such as CHOO and Montblanc, as well as YANKEE CANDLE, a representative fragrance brand, have all moved in. F&B Delight the eyes and the mouth JHONNY ROCKET: The rich gravy of a beef burger with a secret sauce and fresh stuffing paired with an American retro burger GARETT'S POPCORN: Special popcorn wrapped in freshly made caramel and cheese is convenient FAMILLE STREET Advantage · Connected to the largest bus terminal in Korea, High-speed Bus terminal · Located in the high-speed bus terminal connecting all parts of the country, Convenient transportation: easy to travel to other regions via express bus terminals; relatively low cost compared to department stores; new street brands that are popular in Korea and Japan are opening in large numbers; freer atmosphere than department stores; The best place to meet your lover · Young people prefer the latest brands more than COEX located in Samseong Station in Seoul · There is a wide range of street brands with retro design and unique personality reminiscent of European train stations. Access: Get off at Metro Line 9 Express bus stop or Metro Line 3 Express bus stop


Popular shopping - Lotte Department Store Lotte Department Store Lotte Department Store is the largest department store chain in Korea, with 22 stores in addition to the main store located in Myeongdong, a shopping district in Korea. From the world's boutique brands to daily necessities, and special duty-free, youth popular plaza and other stores, leading fashion and cultural trends. In particular, the food section of the supermarket is a must for many foreign tourists when they choose a souvenir gift for their trip. The Myeongdong Lotte Department Store is conveniently located with the city Hall, Jongno, and Myeongdong shopping malls. Access: It is connected to subway Line 2 and Exit 7 of the entrance station of Ethyl Branch Road.


Itaewon is located in the southern part of the shopping district. Due to its proximity to the U.S. military base in Korea, most of the signboards are in English, and the crowds on the street also show a multinational atmosphere. The shopping street takes a meal as an extension to the east and west. Itaewon sells jeans, fur and leather goods at lower prices than in the general market. Customers can customize, design their own style, size can also be freely modified. Bags and wallets made of crocodile skin are Korean specialties. The jeans were decorated with ornate embroidery and beading. The duty-free fur monopoly sells designer fur coats and jackets at a bargain price, but the style and quality are not comparable to those in Hong Kong. Access: Metro Line 6 from Itaewon Station.


Dongdaemun Market, a popular shopping area, is surrounded by eight markets, including Heung In Market, which sells handicrafts and tableware for wholesale and retail, Dongdae Market, which sells kitchen utensils and hiking supplies, Plaza Market, which sells sewing products, and Market, which sells clothing. If you are interested in Korean wave clothing and accessories, it is recommended to focus on the "HELLO APM", "DOOTA" and "Mililai" three major shopping malls (side by side at the gate station exit), where a lot of young clothing designers and products in South Korea are concentrated, and the price is not expensive. Due to the large scale, it is not easy to visit all the places in one breath, but you can visit late at night, ha ha ~ I don't know if Korean people don't rest? I am out to travel so late in the shopping can be understood, but the east gate is really crowded, many to 4-5 in the morning before closing, how to see how can not finish. Access: Take Line 2, 4, 5 and get off at Didaemun Stadium Station; Or subway line 1 or 4, get off at Dongdaemun Station. Dongdaemun is really a lot of things, many people will compare it with Qipu Road, but I think Dongdaemun is a lot cheaper than the South Korean monopoly, but for Chinese tourists, it is not very cheap. At the same time, I think that although the east gate things are not cheap, but the quality is very good.


Popular shopping district - Apgujeong Features Introduction: Apgujeong Rodeo Street was named the "fashionable street" and the Mecca of the latest fashion in November 1996, and has become a fashionable street in Seoul with the formation of a high-consumption culture circle. Every alley here is full of expensive foreign imports, unique atmosphere of bonded clothing merchants, there is a very unique decoration of cafes, Korean restaurants, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine and other kinds of food, you can choose according to your own taste, beauty is more intensive than other places, it is said that many film and television stars are frequent here, it is likely to meet oh. Access: Take Line 3 to Apgujeong Station and walk for 10 minutes from Exit 1


Popular shopping area - Ewha Women's Front Street features introduction: Ewha Women's Front Street is a famous shopping street, the street is full of fashion sense of small clothing and all kinds of food, a collection of jewelry, clothing, restaurants, cafes and hair salon small Hu scattered around, a lot of, are very distinctive. Access: 5-minute walk from Exit 2,3, Rida Station, Metro Line 2.


Popular shopping area - Insa-dong Insa-dong and Food Street Insa-dong refers to the area from Angguk-dong through Insa-dong intersection to Jongno-2-gu Taggok Park. There are many alleys distributed around the Central Street, many and dense, just like a spider web. Hidden in the depths of these historic alleys are many famous shops where you can buy ancient art, modern art, Hanbok, pottery, handicrafts and tourist souvenirs related to traditional Korean culture. Another pleasure of Insa-dong is to visit traditional Korean restaurants and traditional tea houses, which still retain the unique style and characteristics of Korea and are favored by Korean and foreign tourists. Insa-dong's food street is centered on the Central Street, on the same side as the Capital Pharmacy. Insa-dong traditional food is famous for its antique hanok and authentic traditional dishes, which are prepared without adding chemical condiments. Famous traditional dishes include: "Mountain Village" where you can enjoy traditional performances while enjoying delicious food, "Jiji" which serves delicious home-made dishes, "Sardong Noodle House" which is famous for soup dumplings, "Insa-dong Noodle Noodle House" which specializes in noodle soup, and "GAETMAEUL MILBOBJIP (Beach Shop)" which is famous for sliced noodles are all places that are crowded with guests. In addition, there is the famous traditional tea house "YET CHATJIP" (Ancient Tea House), which is heated by geothermal heat, the "Guiten", which is run by the poet Cheon Sang-byeong, and the "traditional Tea Garden" in the Gyeongin Art Museum. When visiting Insa-dong, you can also taste a variety of delicious snacks, famous snacks are located at the intersection of Insa-dong "SAMBODANG HODDEOK" and "KKUTTARE" in front of Ton-in.