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When will the Chinese space station be built

2018-05-07 16:00:27

The Chinese space station is scheduled to be completed in 2023. On May 18, 2021, there was good news from China's manned space flight. After the launch of the core module and core module of China's first space station, the in-orbit test of the single-module flight stage has been completed, and the launch of subsequent spacecraft and modules will be carried out normally as planned. Since the launch of the core module on April 29, it has been flying over our heads every 90 minutes, waiting in space for the rest of the space station, as well as cargo and crew vehicles, to join it. According to the construction plan of China's space station, the space station will be built in two years with the core module as the control, the sky and dream sky experiment module as the main experiment platform, and the space station will be taken care of all the year round. Within two years, each module will "build building blocks" in orbit to form the Chinese space station. It is understood that China will build the space station into a space experiment base for large-scale space science experiments and applications. Zhang Wei pointed out that compared with the previous missions, China's manned space industry will be more open, including international and two aspects. At the same time, it is expected to produce a large number of major scientific achievements, break through a large number of core key technologies, and obtain immeasurable economic and social benefits. For example, the development of international cutting-edge quantum regulation and optical transmission research will strongly promote the development of quantum communication technology in the world, and even trigger a communication revolution. The above content reference: Economic observation network - the timetable has been set! China's space station is scheduled to be completed in two years