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What's the reason why the refrigerator door doesn't close tightly

2018-04-12 16:00:27

The refrigerator is a very important electrical appliance in our life, the refrigerator will always be used for a long time this and that kind of problem, the refrigerator door is not tight and other problems, will directly affect the use of the refrigerator, leading to food damage, power consumption and other problems. The refrigerator door didn't close tight. What happened? Refrigerator door can not close the solution, let's take a look.


How is the refrigerator door not tightly closed: The refrigerator door may not be tightly closed because the magnetic seals on the refrigerator are too badly worn, or the seals are squeezed and seriously deformed, resulting in the refrigerator door can not be closed tightly.


Refrigerator door can not be closed solution :1) hair dryer styling method, if your refrigerator door can not be closed tightly, you can use a hair dryer to do styling, the use of hair dryer to soften the seal, eliminate the problem of deformation of the door seal, you can solve the problem of the refrigerator is not closed tightly. 2) Hot water soaking method: The refrigerator door is not tight, the best solution is to use hot water soaking method, remove the refrigerator door seal, cut the joint of the four corners of the door seal with a knife to extract the magnetic strip, soak in 60 degrees Celsius hot water for about 8 minutes, and then straighten the seal after cooling straightening the installation can be used normally, the refrigerator door will no longer be closed tightly. 3) White rubber strip: the refrigerator door is not tight, use white rubber to repair the door seal method, loosen the screw fixing the door seal ring, insert the white rubber into the gap plane, and then re-tighten the screw to eliminate the gap. If the door is closed and not parallel to the case, adjust the bracket holding the case door so that it is parallel to both. Some soft plastic foam can also be inserted in the gap of the door seal to solve the problem of the door seal is not strict. 4) Replace the new seal: If the user does not want to bother, then you can choose to buy a new seal for replacement, you can better solve the problem of the refrigerator door is not tight