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What workplace details and small habits to be alert to

2018-03-22 00:00:53

We all know how important it is to develop a good habit, in fact, whether it is for life or work, we should not only have a positive attitude, we should also pay attention to some small habits and small details in life, then what details of the workplace for our work has more benefits? Here are some good habits and small details collected by the Guizhou Talent network, which you can refer to.


Set your time five minutes ahead Key word: Punctuality


Put watches, computers, wall clocks... Move the hands of all the timers around you gently forward for five minutes. As a result, you find that you no longer rush to the punch card machine in the morning with a wild head of hair, no longer have the embarrassment of opening the door of the meeting room to find that the leader is already sitting inside waiting for you, and no longer have to adjust your tie or fix your makeup while you are on the way to visit customers. The day is still 24 hours, the workload is still the same, but you will find that because of these five minutes, your work and mood are calm, confident, and perform better.


Use To-do List keywords: Be productive


The "busy" sound in the workplace is one, and then look at the desks and computer desktops of many workers, which are also full of documents and reports, and a busy scene. A lot of work, temporary tasks, always make people feel tired, but little results. In fact, what you really need is not To complain to the leader about the workload, nor to squeeze out breaks to work, you need to just spend five minutes the first day or the same day, write a to-do List, list tasks in order of priority, set up reminders, so that your work can be organized one by one. Time expert Mark Forster also has a few suggestions for improving To-do lists. For example, write To-do lists on paper instead of on your computer; Write down only those tasks that you actually have time for, and leave time for contingencies. Instead of writing new ideas directly into a To-do List, create a separate to-do list. Keep each project as a concrete action, it is best not to write a "report on the completion of the XX project", but to write an "outline of the completion of the XX project report" and so on.


Meditate for ten minutes in the morning, middle and evening. Keywords: Growth


As the ancients say, three reflections a day. This wisdom applies in the workplace as well. In the morning, while lying in bed, think of yesterday's mistakes, today's important things; After lunch, find a quiet corner to close your eyes, think about the problems and difficult clients that you encountered at work today, and examine your own side of the problem; Before you go to bed at night, turn off the TV a few minutes early, take stock of what you've learned today, and ask yourself if there's anything you could have done better. Giving yourself some quiet time for reflection every day is to cultivate your character little by little, and sticking to it will become a big step in your career. Take these minutes to ask questions and examine yourself, not to complain.


Keep a book in your bag Keyword: Study


Kai-fu Lee is a master of using "time fragments", and you will benefit greatly from learning from him. Every day, we have a lot of time to spend in waiting, instead of reading the newspaper about parents, it is better to bring a book to work, wait for the subway, wait for girlfriend... Use these idle time fragments to learn, recharge, and update your thoughts and knowledge from time to time, and how will you have time to complain about no leisure to train?


This information comes from experience


Start with "we" keyword: win-win


Always appearing militant and presumably not getting many flowers and smiling faces. In fact, the workplace is not a gladiatorial arena, and the win-win situation of the team, the win-win situation of the enterprise, and the win-win situation of the customer will certainly create greater value than going it alone. Whether you think or communicate with others, develop the habit of beginning with "you", "you", "we", and use "please" and "thank you", you will find that you are more able to understand others, communicate and cooperate much more smoothly than before, for a simple reason: how you treat others, others will treat you. Empathy and gratitude will surely bring about a virtuous circle of interpersonal relationships.


Nod and smile to colleagues you don't know


In the corridor, there will always be some strange faces, which may be guests visiting, colleagues from other departments, and even the family of the boss. Face to face, whether you are expressionless, or nod and smile, in a few seconds, the other side will give you the accomplishment, but also to the department or the accomplishment of the score. So, form a good habit like smiling, warm others, will shine themselves.


Get ready for the next day's work attire before going to bed


I got up late again in the morning, but the more anxious I was, the more I went wrong, "Oh, how strange this dress is with these shoes!" Oh, no." Before he went out, "Ah, where did the glasses go?" Finally entered, but scared out of a cold sweat: "OMG! I forgot to bring the papers I took home last night. "... With all this mess in your life, it's hard to imagine getting organized at work. Why not do your homework before you go to bed at night? Carefully match the next day's professional clothes, pack the "luggage", including favorite snacks, and then appear on time with a professional image of elegance. Also, try to keep your work bag, desk, drawers, and computer in good order at all times. This good habit shows that you care about the job and will keep you calm and calm at work.


Key words in doing stretching exercises: health


Eight or nine out of ten workers suffer from wrist, waist, neck and back problems. In fact, as long as you develop a few good habits, you will greatly reduce your physical discomfort index. When you arrive in the morning, stretch for a few minutes first, which will help speed up your metabolism throughout the day and avoid fat formation from sitting for too long. At work, stand up and move every one to two hours, mainly stretching. Go up and down the stairs, take the elevator less, climb the stairs, the traffic jam is bad, just bike or walk, choose to nest at home during the holidays? Then move around for a change... In fact, there are many opportunities to exercise, as long as you don't commit laziness.

Matters needing attention

In fact, often a lot of times a small habit can defeat a lot of problems, in fact, whether it is at work or outside of work, we should learn to properly allocate their time and work things, only to deal with these problems we will not be in a hurry at work, there are more mistakes.