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What to do when it hurts?

2018-04-02 20:48:40

We always like or fall in love with someone unconsciously, when we love, we really love, and when we don't, we really don't love. When a relationship is about to end, there is always that pain, a cheerful (open) person will be fine in a few days, for introverts, it may take a long time or even a lifetime, so how to do when heartache?




To travel to face the end of the relationship there is always a reason he can not say, clearly love each other because of family or other reasons can not be together have to say a sad and painful thing. How to deal with such heartache? It's better to travel and not only have a good mood but also make new friends.


Whether in emotion or life, we often quarrel because of the other party's incomprehension, and say the language that makes the other party sad or heartbroken in anger. At this time, we must learn to shift the goal such as "serious work". The purpose of shifting the goal is not only to put down the things that make us sad, but also to improve our work efficiency.


Putting energy into interests or because of the family relationship has consumed all of our time including the loss of interest and can not get a love from the other person. A sentence from the other side "We are not suitable, break up!" "It will break you. When you have heartache, do not put your energy into interests such as "painting, writing, etc." not only the mood becomes calm but also improve your temperament.


Find a friend to talk to everyone will have a heart, often want to go will let you heartache can not breathe such as "life is not good or once love, etc." do not find a friend to talk to, do not but heart friends will make fun of themselves, good know has not only will enlighten you can help you out of trouble.


When we cannot let go of the mistakes we have made in the past, give him to time, such as "betrayal of relatives and misunderstanding of friends," give him to time, time will not only recognize the truth of things, but also let go of obsession.


More to accompany their parents will make their own heartache often spend too much energy and time on it, there is such a time to unpleasant things as to spend time in more to accompany their parents, more to accompany their parents not only happy parents but also take a filial role.

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