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What should I pay attention to when studying in the UK

2018-01-12 14:24:00

Different regions and countries have different scenery and customs. When we go to a strange place or country, we should make full preparation in advance and learn more about the customs and humanistic feelings of the place we will go to. Next, we will talk about what we need to pay attention to when we go to study in the UK.


1, to study in the UK should prepare their own luggage, medicine to understand what items are necessary to carry which items are restricted We go to the UK to study some daily necessities in the UK is relatively complete, so daily necessities we can go to the UK to purchase, we prepare some things cheaper than foreign countries, Laptop computers, portable hard drives, walkmen, CD players and other digital products, as well as some common medicine, contact lenses and potions, dictionaries and cotton products. Secondly, we need to understand which items are restricted: restricted can be divided into two categories, one is the goods restricted by the Chinese customs when leaving the country, mainly referring to cash. Generally speaking, a person can take up to $5,000 out of the country. If you want to bring more cash, you must issue an exit permit with the relevant currency exchange unit. Another type of restriction is the British customs, which allows a maximum of two cigarettes and two bottles of wine into the UK. Certain plants, meat, meat products and processed animal products that pose a risk to health and the environment are not allowed to enter the UK, although a person is allowed to carry up to 1kg of sealed deli meat.


2, we want to understand the British Airways checked baggage in the items and size, weight and other restrictions checked baggage is mainly daily necessities, can not be smuggled, prohibited items, some items also need to be declared in the customs, in addition, can not carry cash and high-value items. In terms of weight, British Airways allows students to check a baggage limit of 30 kg, and an additional 6 kg of carry-on baggage is allowed on board.


3. We need to know about the payment of British Airways ticket, which is divided into two types. First: At British Airways, student tickets are divided into two types: one-way and return tickets. The first is the one-way ticket, which also has two kinds, one is the refundable ticket sold in the market, to charge the refund service fee; The other is to change the date, in fact, that is, you can return the ticket for another date of the ticket, here also charge a service fee, basically a ticket is one thousand yuan. Some special one-way ticket prices are very low, but also have many restrictions, such tickets are not refundable. The second kind: the following round-trip tickets, in principle, as long as you take a British Airways flight, the ticket is valid for a round trip within one year. This kind of ticket can be changed for free once, and there is a 1,000 yuan handling charge for the second time. Off-season round-trip tickets will have some promotional activities, but the promotional tickets will generally contain restrictions, which is also a special ticket, in general, can not be returned, can not be changed. When students buy air tickets through air ticket agents, they must ask specific restrictions for some special tickets.


4. Be aware that student tickets can be booked in advance before your visa is in hand. It is possible to book student tickets in advance. When applying for the visa, students have already known about the school and the start date, so it is recommended that students book the air ticket. Since the peak period for student travel is from July to mid-September, airfare is relatively tight. However, booking a ticket does not mean that the ticket has been obtained, so students must be aware of the time issue, apply for a visa as soon as they receive the admission letter, and allow at least three weeks for the visa.


5. Find out in advance how many people can order group tickets and what are the benefits compared with individual tickets. First: the group ticket definition of British Airways refers to more than ten people, round-trip tickets require ten people to go abroad and return home together, one-way is to leave together to the same destination, itinerary, date are the same. Second: As for the difference between student group tickets and individual tickets, there is no fixed statement, which must be determined entirely in accordance with the reservation of flights and the market supply and demand relationship. If the flight is close to saturation, the ticket price of the team and the individual is basically the same, but in the off-season flight location is more, the group ticket will have some corresponding concessions.


5. Prepare the funds in advance. This question depends on the amount of funds. If it is less than 5,000 US dollars, you can carry it with you, and if it is more than 5,000 US dollars, you can transfer the money through the bank.


This information is taken from experience without authorization