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What should I do when traveling to India?

2018-03-19 16:00:00

A good friend of Xiaobian has just come back from a trip to India, told Xiaobian a lot of ideas about India travel, Xiaobian here to share with you, hope to help plan to travel to India friends!




Do not use your left hand to greet Indians, hand things, shake hands, etc., because they usually use their left hand to help clean up after going to the toilet, which is considered unclean, and doing these things with your left hand will be considered impolite to others.


In the hearts of Hindus, the cow is the mount of God Shiva, and it is also the Holy Spirit, so don't speak and do things that are not respectful to the cow. Do not ask where to buy or eat beef, and do not give other people beef products as gifts.


When visiting a Hindu temple, do not wear short skirts or other revealing clothing as this shows disrespect to the gods. Furthermore, you need to take off your shoes when entering an Indian temple, and it is best not to wear very expensive shoes to prevent you from being too sad if you lose them.


Don't touch other people's heads, including children's. This is different from China, where touching the child's head represents the love and closeness to the child, but in India, the head is considered a very sacred part, touching his head is very likely to provoke opposition.


Indians may make a slight shake of the head when they are saying [agree], [OK], [YES], etc., which is the opposite of our nodding body language. So when asking for each other's opinions, it is best to confirm the language again!


Others need to pay attention to exchange rupees in advance; Bring some anti-diarrheal medicine, common cold medicine, etc., in case of emergency; Bring your own toiletries; The jacks used in India are generally round holes, and it is best to bring a jack converter; Indian toilet paper is relatively thin, you can bring some facial tissue and so on.

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