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What should I do in an earthquake

2018-05-07 12:48:05

Some places have frequent earthquakes, and it is very necessary for people living in those areas to learn some emergency knowledge




First of all, a steady state of mind, a flustered mental state is unable to effectively deal with things


Stay away from falling objects overhead, chandeliers, electric fans, and so on. Okay


If it is too late to run outside, hide in the closet, table or other furniture, corners, these places can effectively avoid being hit


When avoiding with pillows, quilts and other things to protect the head, because if the head is hit is likely to lead to coma, then can not save themselves


Turn off the power and gas to avoid fire, turn on the power supply in case the wall is torn and the wire is broken, and it is easy to get electric shock if you accidentally touch it


Do not take the elevator when leaving, so as not to break down the elevator and be trapped in the elevator. There is often no elevator repairman to rescue you at this time


If you are trapped under the rubble, you should try your best to make a sound regularly, you can knock on the drum and other ways, so that the search and rescue personnel can find you in time, unless you have to do not shout directly, which will inhale dust and consume a lot of energy