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What should I do if there is a fire on a high floor?

2018-04-12 14:24:24

On Sunday, I went to install natural gas, and once again I reviewed the relevant knowledge of the fire on high floors. Now, in addition to the local developers, the residential areas are below seven floors, and the other buildings are above 20 floors. Then, what should I do when the fire occurs on high floors above eight floors?


Do not take the elevator, escape by the stairs. In the event of a fire, the line in the elevator is easily burned off, the elevator stops moving halfway, or the smoke from the floor blows into the elevator, and the people in the elevator are smoked out. Therefore, in the event of a fire, we must escape from the stairs.


Head for the escape arrow. Some floors of the stairs will be more dark, usually did not walk, do not know where to go, this time must not run around, to carefully observe, even very dark staircase wall edge, there will be a green fire escape arrow, follow the direction of these arrows to escape.


When escaping, use soaked clothes to cover your mouth and nose, so as not to smoke into your nose and mouth, in addition, when escaping in the escape corridor, try to lean against the edge of the wall, the cat's waist, half squatting to escape.


This page is based on experience


Don't jump off the building easily. In the event of a fire, people will panic, but must not easily jump off the building, if it is a low floor below the third floor, you can first throw soft things such as quilts downstairs, and then jump down, to minimize the direct harm to the body. If it is the fourth or fifth floor, try to use the sheet tied to the climbing rope, climb down, but to ensure that the sheet is strong.


Determine the location of the fire and prepare for escape. If the fire is upstairs, then immediately run downstairs, remember to run the stairs to escape. If the fire is downstairs, blocking the possibility of downstairs escape, then quickly escape up, escape to the top, waiting for rescue, get life.

Matters needing attention

In case of fire, call 119 as soon as possible.


In the fire with a child to escape, be sure to hold the child tightly in your arms, do not simply pull the child to go, it is best to wear a wet quilt.