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What products does usmile official website have?

2018-02-25 03:12:00

Electric toothbrush is not only the new favorite of young people, but also has become an indispensable daily necessities for many families. In the past, people tend to prefer international brands when buying electric toothbrushes. With the gradual maturity of domestic products, domestic electric toothbrushes represented by usmile are becoming the mainstream choice for people. What electric toothbrushes can usmile choose from? Can I buy it directly from usmile official website?


At present, the usmile official website can not directly purchase products, the official website provides more information about the brand and products, as well as oral care and electric toothbrush knowledge. If you want to buy an electric toothbrush, you can buy it in the official flagship such as the official public number, and all electric toothbrushes are replaced for free within a year if there are quality problems.


At present, usmile has a number of series of toothbrushes such as Y1, 45 degree white brush, stone shower, etc., which are more popular among young people. usmile brand has an independent laboratory, for the quality of its electric toothbrush is relatively strict control, adult series of electric toothbrush vibration frequency is 38,000 times per minute, this vibration frequency is just the right balance of cleaning power and sense of use, both efficient and gentle. The battery is a high-performance lithium battery, the battery life is about half a year, which means that you don't have to look for a charging line to charge the toothbrush every day, and you don't have to worry about brushing out of power from time to time. The fuselage is IPX7 waterproof material, which means that you can brush your teeth while taking a bath, and there will be no problem in the toothbrush for half an hour. Next, I will briefly introduce the main series of usmile.


1. Y1 Series Y1 is the most popular series in usmile, and it is also a series that completely makes usmile famous. The simple macaron color system indeed opened a new window in the industrial electric toothbrush market at that time. Y1 is cost-effective and is a favorite of students and young women. Available in three modes of cleaning, whitening and care, this toothbrush is sufficient for daily use and is a great choice for beginners.


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3. 45 degree White brush 45 degree white brush can be said to be the "hand residual star", its fuselage design is relatively special, to meet the most scientific 45 degree bus brushing method, that is, the brush head and teeth at a 45 degree Angle of brushing. When the hand is held normally, the brush head and teeth naturally form a 45-degree Angle, facing the gum line, which is efficient and convenient. Perfect for people who have not mastered the proper way to brush their teeth.