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What places are fun

2018-03-12 20:48:12

Located in the northwest of our country, it is well-known to outsiders because of its unique scenery, so what places are there to be fun? As an out-of-towner who has lived for several years, I have my own unique opinions.






If you are a college student, especially in the nearby study, close to the Yellow River, you can ride along the Yellow River in your spare time, especially in the summer, the scenery is very beautiful, and the city's efforts to create the style along the Yellow River will indeed not let you down.


Bridge, mountain these two places are in the same place, but I think it is still the main bridge, after all, the mountain more effort. If you go up the mountain then there are cable cars, from the Yellow River above, beautiful scenery, followed by sheepskin raft can sit, feel the customs of the great northwest.


Shifo Gou Forest Park every autumn, when the leaves turn red is also the most beautiful time of the year, if you have the opportunity to do not miss it, the ticket is about 15 yuan, and the transportation is very convenient.


As a national 985 institution, the university has a heavy history and is also a place that you have to go to, you can visit their school history hall, Jishi hall and other places


The new district is a good choice, with strong support from the state. The new district now has a certain scale, there are western movie city, amusement park, dinosaur park and other interesting places.

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