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What nutrition is suitable for the elderly?

2018-02-24 08:00:00

The elderly want to prolong life, which nutrition is suitable for consumption?


Eat less high-fat foods and less animal liver. Less oil and salt, appropriate calcium supplement. Take a vitamin supplement.


Eat more fish. Fish is low in fat. Drink some red wine in moderation. Eat more fruits, you can supplement vitamin c, and vitamin a


Some soy products, as well as dairy products, are good choices. Jujube, walnuts are a good choice, walnut brain. Jujube can be used to soak water.

Method/Step 2

Carrot has the effect of lowering blood fat. In addition to frying, you can also make soup. Some cereal breads can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack.


The elderly have decreased gastrointestinal activity and are prone to constipation. Usually eat more grains, as well as foods rich in dietary fiber. Can prevent constipation.


Eggs, especially the yolk, are high in cholesterol. There are three high people, pay attention to eat eggs properly. Eat more fruits, kiwi, apple, etc.

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