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What novel is Song Yu Gu Yiheng

2018-03-13 04:48:38

Song Yu, Gu Yiheng is the novel bully total husband infinite pet role. Content introduction: Gu Yiheng smell speech eyes at the bottom of a flicker of guilt, more is angry, even if she knows, can not start to hit you!" After saying that, he looked down at Song Yu coldly, since you know, I will tell the truth, I never thought of marrying you, this wedding is really for you and another man, you just have to complete the etiquette smoothly." Never thought of marrying me?" Song Yu light smile, only feel that the whole world is spinning, the man word and sentence like a knife stabbed into her chest. Highlights: Luxury, romance, dream filled the auditorium, magnificent, full of friends. Song Yu took the hand of Song set up slowly walking down the red carpet, her face as pale as a piece of white paper, without any emotion. Ear, Song's icy voice warned her: This wedding, you must successfully complete, I will let you go to see your mother! A stifling heart, Song Yu firmly bite bite lips, thin red lips unable to spit out a few words: know. A wedding, no blessings, no feelings, she didn't even know who the groom was. Yes, just deception! Offstage, the guests are also full of curiosity about this wedding. All the guests at the banquet know that the prince of the Sheng World Foundation is not a vegetable? How can a vegetable Attend his own wedding? The bride who married Sheng big son is also, for money, do not mind that the other party is a vegetable! It's just a pity that the bride is still a beautiful woman!