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What is Tugging Tie Guanyin

2018-03-19 03:12:12

Tie Guanyin was invented between 1725 and 1735. It is a representative of oolong tea, one of the ten teas in China. In addition to the general health care function of tea, it also has anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-arteriosclerosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, weight loss and fitness, prevention and treatment of caries, clearing heat and reducing fire, anti-smoke and sober up. Tea washing smell the bottom of the leaves, the sour taste is obvious, drag sour tea generally has obvious drag taste, this tea has fatal defects, the process does not retain the value, dry tea is more green, the color vividness is generally high, the difference between the appearance and Xiaoqing tea is not very large, so it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance, is the green leaves to the normal time to kill, but the green leaves can not completely complete the green requirements, Therefore, it is necessary to continue to do green in excess of time, so there is a dragging statement.


Tieguanyin can not be completed because of weather and climate and other factors. Gradually, this style of tea was formed. To drag, you need to be equipped with air conditioning and dehumidifier to complete. In this way, less shaking more static, not shaking water, but static water loss. So there were turnips and sour teas. This process is good to have a refreshing green and sour aroma or clear sour taste, but the base does not have the sound of Tieguanyin, and the bad one has a blunt smelly green taste or dull green taste or dull sour taste. This kind of tea because of insufficient water, low degree of fermentation, brewing to fast out, if the soup color is muddy green, soup taste green taste is obvious. Also because the water is not sufficient, the degree of fermentation is low, this kind of tea film is green or dark green, the leaf surface is blunt, and the green taste is obvious. However, this kind of tea is green in color and has a tendency to seize fragrance, which is easy to attract tea customers who just contact Guanyin.


The practice of dragging the Tie Guanyin: dragging the Tie Guanyin in the first shake green, about 2 minutes, the second shake green, about 2-3 minutes, the third shake green, about 3-5 minutes. After shaking the tea for the third time, place the shaken tea green in the air-conditioned room and let it stand until the next afternoon, until the odor of the tea green completely disappears, and then you can start frying the tea green. Due to the long standing time of tea green, the killing time is delayed until the second night, so it is called drag repair, also called drag green. Drag and repair method less shake more stall, shake green time short stall cold standing time long, usually called water loss.


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