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What is the reason why the automatic mechanical watch is not allowed to travel time?

2018-03-30 19:12:17

Mechanical watches are men's favorite, a good mechanical watch can improve men's aura, but also highlight the charm of men, but mechanical watches will often encounter the situation of inaccurate time, then I simply give you an analysis of a few reasons.


Mechanical watch


1, automatic mechanical watch travel time is not the primary consideration is not the watch damp, water inside caused by not allowed;


2, and then consider whether it is because the amount of exercise is not enough, resulting in the phenomenon that the watch spring can not supplement sufficient energy, people who do not often exercise, wear watches often appear this situation;


3, but also consider our working environment, as well as the position of the usual watch, because it is magnetized, will also affect the accuracy of the watch;


4, the last consideration is the quality of the watch, is it because of poor quality, a part of the watch has a problem, the accuracy of the impact, this will find a home compensation.