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What is the reading card for Robinson Crusoe

2018-04-05 16:00:55

"Robinson Crusoe" read the content of each chapter of the card sentence, as follows: 1, I completely disregard my father's wishes, even disobey my father's life, and completely do not listen to the mother's entreaty and friends dissuade. This nature of mine seems to have doomed me to future misfortune. 2. I was terrified and stood there as if I had been hit by a thunderbolt. 3, here the ground is covered with many melons, the trees are covered with strings of grapes, there are large, and yellow lemon. As I looked down the slope of the orchard, there was a beautiful green scene everywhere, which filled my heart with joy and made me feel that I was the undisputed master of this rich land. 4. Above all, it was a great comfort to me that God led me to know Him and to ask for His blessing in this unfortunate situation. This happiness is sufficient to compensate me for all the misfortunes I have suffered and may suffer. 5. Seeing this, I was so angry that I put my fears aside. I swear in my heart: the next time I see such atrocities, I will not let them go! But suddenly a voice called my name: "Robinson, poor Robinson, where have you been?" When I woke up from my great astonishment, I fixed my eyes and saw that it was Bo calling me, which made me very happy. The sad words in Bo's mouth are the ones I usually teach her. Now, after my life, it flew to my hand again, affectionately repeating those words that it did not understand, making people feel cordial and warm.