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What is the importance of social etiquette

2018-02-23 11:12:00

What is the importance of social etiquette? Etiquette, from the perspective of personal cultivation, can be said to be the external expression of a person's internal cultivation and quality. From the perspective of communication, it can be said that it is an art, a way or method of communication applicable in interpersonal communication, and it is a customary practice of showing people respect and respect in interpersonal communication. Etiquette is a general term for etiquette, politeness and ritual. 1. Politeness refers to the behavior norms that people show respect and respect in the process of interacting with each other. 2, etiquette is people in daily life, especially in the communication occasions to express respect, praise, greetings, greetings, condolences, condolences and give the necessary assistance and care of the customary form. Such as shaking hands, bowing, hugging, kissing, greeting, smiling and so on are all etiquette. Different nations and countries have different etiquette, and etiquette also develops with the development of The Times. 3, ceremony is a formal form of etiquette, is to express politeness and respect held on a certain occasion, with special procedures, standardized activities. Etiquette is a person and even a nation, a country's cultural and moral cultivation of the external expression form, is the basic requirements of life. The Chinese nation has been advocating etiquette since ancient times. Confucius once said, "If you don't learn etiquette, you won't be able to stand up." That is to say, if a person wants to achieve something, he must begin by learning rites. In modern society, although the comprehensive national strength of a country or a nation contains a very wide range of content, but in the evaluation of a country or a nation, it is usually from the country, the nation's people's words and deeds, civilized habits reflected in the quality of citizens and spiritual outlook. Because, from the point of view of a country and a nation, etiquette is an important symbol of a country, a nation, social style, moral standard, degree of civilization, citizen quality. From the individual point of view, etiquette is a comprehensive reflection of a person's ideological consciousness, moral cultivation, spiritual outlook and cultural upbringing. Through the degree of a person's use of etiquette in social life, we can observe the level of his upbringing, the degree of civilization and the level of morality. It can be seen that etiquette study is of great significance to the formation of civilized, polite and moral high-quality talents. The content of etiquette, courtesy and politeness is rich and varied, but it has its own regularity, its basic etiquette principles: first, the principle of respecting people; The second is the principle of self-discipline, that is, in the process of communication to self-denial, careful, active, voluntary, polite, consistent, self-control, self-reflection, self-requirements, self-inspection, self-restraint, can not be arrogant, duplicity; The third is the principle of moderation, moderation and appropriateness, grasp the sense of proportion; The fourth is the principle of sincerity, sincerity, to treat people with sincerity, not to play games, words and deeds do not match.