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What is the correct way to use a car fire extinguisher?

2018-05-05 20:48:19

Vehicle fire extinguishers, as a daily safety commodity around us, have slowly moved away from the scope of industrial security and entered our families with a new image. As we all know, household fire extinguishers can be divided into vehicle fire extinguishers and household fire extinguishers. It is well understood that the on-board fire extinguisher is specially equipped in the car, including private cars and public transportation, to prevent the spontaneous combustion of the car body of a fire emergency product.


Vehicle fire extinguisher


In order to travel safety, and our personal safety, our private cars, spare a car fire extinguisher is an inevitable choice. Car fire extinguishers are also water-based and dry powder. 51 Remind you that on-board fire extinguishers also need 3c fire certification. Authentication is just as important as the identity of a product.


The use of vehicle fire extinguishers: First of all, the best placement position is generally placed in the place where the right hand can be quickly touched, which is convenient for the timeliness of the fire fighting action; Second, do not panic, pull out the safety pin, hold the fire extinguisher bottle with one hand, press the fire extinguisher handle tightly, and spray at the root of the flame.


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Remind you to pay more attention to the accurate pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher, when the pointer points to red, the pressure is low; When the pointer points to green, normal use; When the pointer points yellow, the pressure is high.


The vehicle fire extinguisher is for one-time use, and it should be canned and replaced in time after use. The rubber base is anti-corrosion and anti-falling off.

Matters needing attention

Pay more attention to the indicator of the pressure gauge


In case of fire, do not panic, according to the steps, in order to effectively use