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What is the brand of the big car that Jackie Chan drives in A Good Man

2018-03-16 20:48:55

The two trucks in "A Good Man" are: Model 797 Dump truck The Model 797 dump truck is made by Caterpillar in the United States and is the largest truck ever built. It's a large vehicle mounted on a Kenworth chassis. The Type 797 dump truck is as big as an extraterrestrial, 23.9 feet tall when its tip is down; When it overturned, it stood 49.3 feet tall, a staggering size that dwarfs the 240-ton Type 793C (once Caterpillar's largest dump truck). If the front end of the car is placed against the backboard of an NBA court, its tail is 8 inches longer than half the court (47.8 feet). In addition, it is 30 feet wide, and if you put the left side of the car against the backboard, its right side will be 8 feet beyond the 3-point line. The rated weight of the type 797 dump truck is 360 tons, but the actual weight can reach 400 tons. The cost of the 797 RMB is about 30 million yuan, and the daily fuel consumption of the 797 can be used for 2 years if used as an ordinary car. Expanded information: Model: CATERPILLAR 797 Type: Engine bai Mid-mounted rear-wheel drive, DU2-door 2-seat Dump truck Price: $3430,000 zhi Engine Model: daoCAT 3524B HD TA Displacement: 117.122 L Compression ratio: 15.5:1 Transmission: 7-speed automatic maximum power: 3400 HP /1750 RPM Maximum torque: 1677 N · m /1300 RPM Maximum speed: 1950 RPM Average fuel consumption: 788 L / 100 km carter 797B