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What is the best gift for Chinese Valentine's Day

2018-05-05 11:12:21

The origin of the Tanabata Festival - Tanabata, formerly known as the Qiqiao Festival. Qiqiao, this festival originated in the Han Dynasty, is the day when Chinese ancient women beg God to give a happy marriage. The main customs are begging, hanging incense bags, worship seven sisters and so on. Now the Chinese Valentine's Day is mostly for men and women in love to send each other Valentine's Day gifts.


Cute doll: A girl can't resist fluffy dolls, and a big cuddle will probably make her scream. Hey, if you can't always be there for her, let her hold Big Bear, it will feel like you are always there for her.


Color-changing coffee cup: Some networks now provide customized exclusive color-changing coffee cup, you can pass her photo to the business, let them tailor a world's only cup, usually empty is an ordinary appearance, as long as the cup body will slowly show her photos after adding hot water. And "a cup" is "a lifetime", very pleasing oh!


Roses: A girl's favorite. Roses, known as the "flower of love", have long symbolized love and beauty, and the ancient Greek and Roman nations have used roses to symbolize their god of love. Therefore, modern people like to use roses to express their sincere and pure love, and take it as a token of love, and it is the first choice of flowers between lovers, especially during Valentine's Day.


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Ring: If I were a smart person, I would give her a ring. Gold is too tacky, diamonds are too expensive, send white gold, a small circle, first to trap her again. Don't get me wrong, the ring is not a trap, and even if it is, what's wrong with this love trap? If white gold is not good, then send ivory, looks classy. This is the most important gift in the top 10 gifts for Valentine's Day.


Perfume: If I was a very fashionable person, I would give her perfume. Because I've heard that the scent track is the thing that lasts the longest in a person's memory. Unfortunately, my knowledge of perfumes is limited, so I can surprise her when I figure it out. Since then, I have been able to revel in this familiar smell.


Self: If I were a ridiculous person, I would pack myself up and give it to her. She once said that I was the best gift God had ever given her, and do you know how touched I was? So, I can stop being sloppy and design myself after her favorite image and wear a little of her favorite perfume. Everything is ready. Before knocking on her door, tie a bow on your head with the prepared ribbon, because you must not forget that now I am a Valentine's gift