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What is a passenger agent?

2018-01-11 20:48:00

Passenger agent refers to the agency of passenger source organization, ticketing, ticketing, departure, freight settlement and other services, is the most important service of the passenger station, the corresponding passenger agent fee is also the most important part of the station income, generally accounting for about 60% of the passenger station operating income.


Ticket sales agent refers to an enterprise legal person entrusted by a passenger transport enterprise to handle passenger transport ticket sales and related business in the name of the principal within the scope of the agreed authorization, and to collect agency fees and handling charges from the principal according to the amount and quantity of tickets sold and the labor services provided. In China, passenger ticket sales agents are more reflected in civil aviation ticket sales agents and passenger ticket sales agents.


Travel agent The traditional travel agent refers to the travel agency as a for-profit travel enterprise. According to the "Regulations on Travel Agency Management" promulgated by The State Council, the tourism business engaged in by travel agencies refers to "business activities that provide paid services such as exit, entry and visa procedures for tourists, stocking, receiving tourists, and arranging accommodation for tourists." This includes booking air tickets, train tickets and other agent activities for tourists. Different from ticket sales agents, travel agents are entrusted by passengers to handle all travel affairs on behalf of passengers. The passenger ticket sales agent is entrusted by the passenger transport enterprise to sell the passenger ticket of the transport enterprise. In addition, with the popularity of the Internet and a wide range of business applications, Internet-based online travel agents are developing rapidly. Online travel agents such as Ctrip and E-Dragon have challenged traditional travel agents.


1. Scope of ticket agent: ticket sales and traffic flow statistics. 2. The scope of passenger service agency: 1) handling baggage check and delivery procedures: 2) handling ticket refund and room and cabin return procedures; 3) Other business: production of passenger reports on passenger trips, passenger seat notification; Check, check, compensate and collect freight; Dangerous goods containment and disposal; Lost items, unable to pay for items; Handling of passenger and baggage accidents, etc. 1. The ticket agent fee is calculated at 1% of the revenue from the sale of ferry tickets. 2. The agent fee for baggage check or delivery procedures shall be 1% of the freight fee, respectively. An agency fee is charged for excess carry-on baggage, calculated at 2% of carry-on baggage freight revenue. 4. Other passenger service agency fees shall be calculated at 2% of the ticket price (less passenger port fees, passenger surcharges, etc.) 5. Refund agent fee, calculated at 50% of the refund fee.