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What does Samsung mean by activating subsidies

2018-05-14 22:24:58

Meaning: Samsung activation subsidy is Samsung to have sales targets, after the completion of the specified task, Samsung has subsidies for the door, subsidies out to consumers more money, mutual benefit. But this subsidy, there is a very troublesome thing: it must be activated locally to write off, otherwise it does not count. Therefore, there will be two programs of special activated and unopened, activation is recent, and there are also small videos of activation unsealed scene to show innocence. SAMSUNG (English: SAMSUNG, Korean: 삼성) is the largest multinational enterprise in South Korea, including many international subsidiaries, including Samsung Electronics, Samsung C&T, Samsung Life Insurance, etc., the business involves electronics, finance, machinery, chemical and many other fields. Samsung was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. Samsung is a family business, and the Lee family is hereditary, and all Samsung businesses are family businesses and managed by other members of the family. Its subsidiaries include: Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung SDS, Samsung Electric, Samsung Corning, Samsung Network, Samsung Fire, Samsung Securities, Samsung C&T, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung Engineering, Samsung Airlines and Samsung Life Insurance, and are managed by the Lee family members, three of which were selected by Fortune magazine as the World's top 500 companies. Samsung Electronics is the largest subsidiary, in 2009, Samsung Electronics ranked 40th among the global 500 companies, the world's most respected companies ranked 50th, Samsung brand value ranked 19th, compared with 2008 has two places improvement. In 2011, the global corporate market value was $150 billion.