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What do quarter notes on a drum set look like?

2018-01-11 22:24:00

What do quarter notes on a drum set look like? Let's take a look!


Quarter notes look like this: solid head and stem. One is standing, the other is upside down, look at the picture below. For good memory, a children's song about the quarter note, for your friends. Look at the picture below.


The time value of a quarter note is one beat (beat can be understood as a note unit, which is the same thing as the unit of time we usually say, hour, minute, and second), and in order to understand it better, you can think of a quarter note as a large watermelon.


The quarter note is written in this way on the staff, with one space for the head and two Spaces for the stem.


The short score of the quarter note is like this. A "wrong".


The quarter note also has a fetal sister, it is called the quarter rest. The quartile rest looks like a lightning bolt. B: Remember! When a quad rest occurs, take a break.)


The short notation for the quartile rest is like this. The zero in math.