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What details should we pay attention to in summer decoration?

2018-02-26 17:36:00

There are many decoration processes involved in the process of house decoration, and the quality of the decoration process is largely related to the quality of the house decoration, so it is very important for us to understand the house decoration process. The decoration of the house is not only to look at the beautiful house effect, but also to pay attention to the internal decoration quality of the house. Only a house with good decoration quality can let us live in peace of mind and comfort. An important factor to determine the quality of the decoration is the decoration process, for everyone to understand the knowledge points about the decoration process before the decoration is very important. Let's make up a simple introduction for you!


Paint should pay attention to explosion-proof paint, paint is flammable items, although the amount of house decoration is not much, but also should pay attention to safety. Many fires in the decoration process are caused by improper preservation of paint. Therefore, the storage of paint is of great concern. Generally, the paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the sealing of the storage container must be good. Also be careful to stay away from open flames and electrical sockets, so as not to generate sparks to ignite the paint. It is usually recommended that purchased paint be used within one month.


Wallpaper is an essential building material for wall decoration, and its beauty and variety of patterns are favored by consumers. But wallpaper is very fragile. Because the material of wallpaper is paper, it is easy to be affected by the climate in summer, so that the wallpaper is dry and the paper becomes hard and brittle, which is not conducive to the paving. Therefore, wallpaper must be stored properly until unused. It is generally recommended to store the whole volume of wallpaper in a cool place with moderate humidity. If the wallpaper has been used, it must be wrapped in a plastic bag before storage.


In the decoration process, the use of cement is the most. Cement is prone to moisture in rainy summer months. Wet cement can't be used when it sets into blocks. This results in a waste of materials. When saving cement, be careful not to place the cement directly on the ground, you can first sprinkle lime on the ground, put a wooden board or tree roller on the top, and then put the cement. The storage space should be well ventilated, and the stacking site should be dry, which can effectively prevent the cement from being damp.


The summer weather is dry and hot, because the moisture content of wood will change with the climate, it is easy to deform the preserved sheet. In addition, the high temperature and hot weather is easy to make the plate burn, which brings all the hidden dangers for the decoration. In high temperature weather, the preservation of the plate is very important. Storage point can not be exposed to the sun, must have a certain distance from the socket and open flame, well ventilated. And the board storage point should not store too much decoration materials, especially paint, wire and other flammable and explosive items.

Matters needing attention

The best temperature and humidity for decoration


The decoration environment should be ventilated


The construction site should be safely connected to electricity


Keep the construction site away from open flames