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What can we do to prevent bad breath

2018-05-04 14:24:59

Halitosis is a common disease in life, frequently occurring, although halitosis is not fatal, it has a great impact on the work and life of patients' friends, in order to stay away from halitosis we must actively prevent, then what methods can let us stay away from halitosis? Let's take a look at it.


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What can we do to prevent bad breath

Keep mouthwash on hand. People who often have bad breath are not hurt to prepare a bottle of mouthwash, but be careful not to choose irritating ingredients such as alcohol, such mouthwash mainly relies on irritating odor to cover bad breath, and can not eliminate the role of bad breath gas.


Wash your teeth every six months. The benefits of dental cleaning have been verified for decades in Europe and the United States, and I will insist on washing my teeth every six months. Even if we brush our teeth and gargle very carefully every day, there will still be plaque and calculus in the teeth, which will cause gingivitis and periodontitis to a certain extent, and they are an important cause of bad breath.


Often eat prunes, sugar-free gum. Saliva is a natural cleaning agent in the mouth, containing a sour prune, will immediately produce rich saliva. Sometimes I chew a piece of gum, but only xylitol, because some gum contains saccharin and flavor, which are prone to produce bad breath gas under the action of bacteria.


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