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What are the stick figures of the world famous buildings

2018-04-12 03:12:46

World famous architectural stick figure: 1, Sydney Opera House 2, Roman Colosseum 3, London Bridge 4, Leaning Tower of Pisa 5, Egyptian pyramids 6, Eiffel Tower 7, Tower 8, Arc de Triomphe expansion information: stick drawing is through visual awareness, mind, handwriting and other activities, extract the most typical and most prominent main characteristics of the objective image, in a flat, stylized form and concise brushwork, A painting that shows both generality and recognizability. Stick figure is to simplify the complex image, body structure is the most basic element of painting, various objects have their own unique composition factors, structural situation and proportional relations, flat stick figure, the expression of two-dimensional plane structure is relatively simple. However, to show the three-dimensional structure of the object image, because the main performance of only one surface graphics, sketching should be selected to fully display the structural characteristics of the object Angle and visual direction, so that these characteristics can be prominently presented in the plane graphics. Painting method: 1, choose the Angle, display the structural characteristics. 2. Focus on details and highlight your personality. 3, the use of bone line, grasp the dynamic characteristics. People and animals are constantly in motion, dynamic and changing rapidly. Although the dynamic sketch can directly capture various dynamics through keen observation, it is largely based on the analysis and understanding of the movement law, grasp the node and the movement line, and use memory. Like us, the human body is made up of the head, thorax, pelvis and limbs. The upper limb is divided into the upper arm, forearm and hand, and the lower limb has thighs, calves and feet. The bones of each part are independent and connected up and down, and each connection point forms a joint. The joint is the hub of human movement, doing flexion and extension, adduction and abduction and rotation. Various movements do not change the local structure of the head, thorax, pelvis and limbs, but only the transition relationship and the overall state between them with the joint as the turning point. Therefore, it is a simple and feasible method to express various dynamics by taking the changing joints as points, the unchanged bones as lines, the points with lines, and the lines with points. Using bone line to show the dynamic character, we should master the change law of the center of gravity, the center of gravity perpendicular to the support surface; The human body can maintain balance, when walking and running, the center of gravity is beyond the support surface, and when jumping, the center of gravity is inclined to the front of the human movement. The movement of animals is basically similar to that of human beings. The limbs of mammals alternate activities in walking, running, and jumping, and cooperate with each other, and the head and displacement simultaneously change due to the twisting of the neck, waist, and tail. In general, the main movement of birds is flying. When flying, the wings open and flap up and down. The feet of birds move relatively little, but the neck is very flexible. For bird stick drawing, you can first draw the body cavity and head by drawing eggs, then draw the neck and feet with bone lines, and finally add the main details. Stick drawing is to extract the most typical and prominent main characteristics of objective images through activities such as visual awareness, mental memory and handwriting, and to show both generality and recognizability and schematic painting in a flat, stylized form and concise brushwork. Painting methods can be divided into four kinds: front view, top view, side view and peripheral view. Reference: Characteristics of stick figures