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What are the skills of playing cards

2018-02-25 11:12:00

Playing cards pay attention to "three wins" : Qi win, smart win, potential win, at the same time, it is also necessary to "three fast" : quick eyes, fast heart, fast hand. But how do you do these six things? This is the knowledge of playing cards, because playing depends not only on luck, it needs strength, and the strength here is the skill.


Deck of playing cards


I am angry. In fact, the so-called Qi victory is the spirit. If I don't have the spirit to play cards, then my probability of losing will be greatly increased. Or even by someone else. Because your essence, Qi, God must have.


Outwit. Wisdom is wisdom. Wise men often win with wisdom, rather than waiting for luck. Playing mahjong must understand a truth is "give up the small family to care for everyone"


I win. There's no question about it. It's momentum. Just like the ancient drum attack, momentum is a very important part, momentum can not lose. Losing momentum is actually half lost.


Be quick. To be quick is to see the cards, to see the cards in your hand.


Your heart. Heart is how to have a quick and accurate judgment. Don't get the card, but they have no idea how to play the card.


Quick hand. Fast hand is the speed of playing cards and the speed of touching cards, if your speed has always been very slow, then others will rush you, if others rush you, you will be anxious. This is something that tends to affect your own judgment.

Matters needing attention

Moderate entertainment


Skills are not acquired in a day or two