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What are the recommendations for a day trip to Ssangyong Dong

2018-03-24 00:00:13

Shuanglong Cave is a national 5A level tourist scenic spot, the cave has stone chairs and stone tables, can accommodate thousands of summer tea, mountains and forests, hanging river cave wonders, is a good place for leisure and pilgrimage. The following Xiaobian will tell you what is recommended for a day trip to Ssangyong Dong.


Shuanglong Cave in Zhejiang Province in the south slope, is the national five A class scenic spot, as if to come to the Dragon Palace in the cave, stalactite rock scene vivid.


The ticket for Ssangyong Cave is 90 yuan/person, including the scenic spots are: Guan, Ssangyong Cave, Curling Cave, Erxian Cave, Cave, of which Ssangyong is the core scenic spot landscape, has a history of 1600 years.


Visit the view, view the statue of Wong Tai Sin.


After the temple to Shuanglong cave outside the cave, tall and wide, can accommodate thousands of people to gather and cool, stone chairs stone tables, is a natural air conditioning.


Carving the Double dragon Cave in the north, compiling the Dongtian in the south, and the thirty-six Dongtian were the works of Yu Youren, the elder of the Republic of China.


Inside the cave to continue not far away from the mother and child waterfall, flying down the spray, especially beautiful.