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What are the precautions for teahouse decoration

2018-04-09 00:00:51

Many people are willing to go to the teahouse, chat with friends or talk about business, all choose there, because the comfortable environment and relaxed atmosphere are conducive to the expression of people's feelings and spiritual relaxation. So, what are the precautions for teahouse decoration?


Teahouse decoration should be simple, should not be too luxurious, tea itself is a way of health, in the teahouse color collocation should not be used too bright strong color collocation, so as not to give people the feeling of impetuous, teahouse decoration should pay attention to cultural depth, in line with the elegant literati temperament, and the impetuous personality, is conducive to modern self-discipline.


Many people come to the teahouse to drink tea in order to relax, therefore, the atmosphere of the teahouse is very important to create, now coffee shops, Western restaurants will mostly choose some relaxed background music to create the atmosphere, in fact, the use of this in the decoration of the teahouse is also a very good idea, for the teahouse, You can choose some easy, simple and more appealing classical light music, not only can make consumers feel at home, but also make other staff feel at home.


Lighting is now also a key point in the decoration of the teahouse, the appropriate choice can create a harmonious atmosphere, the choice of chandelier has a great impact on the overall environment, in general, the teahouse lighting should not be too bright, bright, it is best to choose to maintain color coordination or style close to the lamp, the integration of the lamp should be harmonious with the overall style, If the teahouse with wooden walls, wooden cabinets and wooden roofs is suitable for installing rectangular wooden lights, in short, a pleasing arrangement can not only increase the energy of the entire space, but also improve the fortunes of the operators.


Hanging pictures in the teahouse is also a more common decoration, hanging pictures have extremely strong colors, hanging pictures into the decoration of the teahouse is indeed a good idea, but when hanging pictures should pay attention to some taboos: drawing pictures of fierce beasts should not be hung, so as not to give people a sense of terror; Pictures that are too dark or too black are not suitable for hanging, and look heavy, demoralizing, and lacking in enthusiasm; The picture of the evening should not be hung, in the "Wang position" can hang bamboo painting, but also hang painting, because known as the rich flower, so when the rich flower in the direction of hanging, can be said to be the icing on the cake.