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What are the places you want to play?

2018-02-24 14:24:00

It is really a good place, with mountains and water, bright lights, beautiful scenery Hongya cave, and the famous Southwest University, it is really worth accompanying our children to visit the school.


Hongya Cave Hongya Cave is a scenic place, back mountains look at the water, scattered, brightly lit, Bayu style, worth going to play.


Ciqikou Ancient Town is the culture, architecture, folk customs, food in one, love at first sight. Ciqikou has many teahouses and a dock culture with a historical heritage.


Born three Bridges if not come, may never know there is a natural three Bridges scenic spot, Tianlong three Bridges under the largest hole, magnificent legend, standing in that feel very small.


Garden Expo Garden is the 8th China International Garden Bolin Expo, located in Yuanyang Town Longjing Lake area, Ministry New District, is a large park with natural landscape and cultural landscape.


The People's Great Hall is an ancient architectural complex of ethnic groups, is the ten cultural symbols, is the traditional Chinese palace architecture style, but also one of the city symbol buildings.


Southwest University, also known as West University, is located in Beijing. It is a university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is worth accompanying our children to visit a school.


Zoo Zoo, formerly known as the West Park, formed a classified children's play area, bird area, leisure area, bird of prey area, herbivorous animal area, science popularization area and so on.

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