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What are the must-eat foods in Macau? This guide is a feast for you

2018-03-29 01:36:40

When it comes to Macau, many people will think of many World Heritage sites and will not forget its title as the capital of gastronomy. So what are the must-eat foods in Macau? Today's Macau food guide will fill you up.

Macao cuisine

1, Moreton Steakhouse reference per capita: 852 yuan Recommended dishes: special lettuce salad, baked onion soup Introduction: Like to eat steak and other western food friends, you can try Moreton Steakhouse, Macau this Moreton steakhouse is located in the Venetian wine on the first floor. Their home is the world's premier chain American steak house, the steak itself is good quality, but also the whole temperature preservation, to minimize the loss of water. It's made in a special open-fire oven, and the super high temperature can instantly lock the juices in the steak, so it tastes like every piece will burn on the outside and be tender on the inside.


Although everyone has more or less eaten steak on weekdays, if you go to Macau to play, remember to go to the authentic steak room to enjoy the professional way of opening the steak. Of course, if you want to avoid eating fat, you can also serve with special lettuce salad, baked onion soup, to meet your taste.


2, 沨 bamboo buffet reference per capita: 174 yuan Recommended dishes: sweet shrimp, salmon sashimi, French egg stew Introduction: 沨 Bamboo buffet on the first floor of Venetian wine, the price is very affordable, more than 100 yuan you can eat salmon sashimi and sweet shrimp, but also a variety of desserts, seafood. If you come to Macau with children and elders, the Asian and Chinese hot dishes are very suitable for the tastes of elders and children.


Of course, the sweet shrimp is especially worth eating here, each one melts in the mouth, the fat meat stimulates your taste buds, so that you can experience the fun of food. Even the fitness party do not be afraid, eat more will not be fat.


3, Parisian buffet reference per capita: 246 yuan Recommended dishes: Boston lobster, salmon, sweet shrimp, foie gras Introduction: Parisian buffet look at the name everyone should be able to know it is located in Macau Parisian wine, their fish, shrimp and shellfish and sashimi are very fresh, New Zealand steak is just right, Boston lobster is wrapped in cheese, simply delicious. There's also an unlimited supply of lofty ingredients like foie gras, which you can eat however you want.


By the way, the environment of the Parisian buffet is light luxury French style, exquisite carved dome, retro floor tiles, very suitable for girls to punch.


4, Macao Portuguese egg tart reference per capita: 18 yuan Recommended dishes: pineapple bag, bacon bag Introduction: eat a big meal, eat a little food also have a different taste. Portuguese egg tart is one of the must-eat food to travel to Macau, the general popularity is relatively high sali egg tart, Madeleine egg tart and Andrew egg tart. Friends who like to eat Portuguese egg tarts can try the sari egg tart in the lobby of the first floor of the Paris Wine. It has a crisp crust, and the egg tart filling is thick and tender, and also has a rich milk and egg aroma.


As a city with diverse cultures, Macao actually has a rich variety of food, to play in Macao do not patronize shopping and scenery, must eat food can be arranged. END