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What are the free anti-virus software?

2018-05-15 03:12:16

What are the free anti-virus software? Which ones work better? Let's take a look! 1. 360 Anti-virus. You're most familiar with it. The antivirus capability of the software is still very good. And it worked just fine. The only drawback is probably its background is not sunny, if you are not satisfied with this, let's take a look at other software. 2. Microsoft's MSE. Microsoft is pretty reliable. The software also works well. Small individual, suitable for users with insufficient computer configuration. The installation package is more than 13M, which is very small in its kind. Quiet, will not interfere with your normal activities, do not prompt software update information, no advertising and so on. High compatibility with the system. It's all Microsoft software. If you have to pick what is insufficient, I think that for users with high anti-virus requirements, you can choose the software introduced in the following. But for most users, that's enough. 3. A_avast, Czech. It is estimated that fewer users know about this model. But the ranking of the software is still good, and it is also easy to use. The individual is also not large, and the installation package is more than 70 M. It is also quiet, except that the virus database has been updated. Free, but mail registration is required, each registration is valid for 1 year, after expiration, re-register for another year. 4. German small red umbrella avira. If even the anti-virus ability of Czech Small A can not meet your needs, it is recommended that you use German small red umbrella avira. The size is the same as small A, about 80M. Check the new virus database 2-3 times a day. It is suitable for users who have more contact with high viruses, and sometimes there are some false reports (in fact, it may also be suspected that the software itself has virus behavior). The above four software, you can according to their needs, choose their own. Suitable for their own, is the best!