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What are the dangers of condyloma acuminatum

2018-04-24 20:48:03

Condyloma, as an infectious and recurrent very strong disease, widely appears in people's lives, affecting people's normal work and life, it can be imagined that its harm is self-evident. Condyloma is one of the most important sexual diseases in China, and the number of cases in some areas accounts for 20% to 31% of all patients with sexual diseases, being the second or third place. The south of China is more common than the north, and the age of onset is between 16 and 35 years old. Condyloma is highly infectious and has a high incidence, second only to non-gonococcal urethritis and gonorrhea in foreign countries, accounting for the third place. In the absence of conditions to detect non-gonococcal urethritis, so it ranks second after gonorrhea, its annual growth rate of more than 100%, ranking first among all types of sex. The harm of wet wart is as follows: first, cancer. For cancer this harm generally only occurs in some patients, mainly stubborn and difficult to treat patients with condyloma. The time can range from 5 to 40 years. But not all hpv infections will become cancerous, also related to the type of hpv virus. So patients do not need to panic, the probability is very low. If the treatment is aggressive and thorough, the above lesions will not occur at all. In addition, some viruses may disappear after a certain period of time. Second, relapse, especially in patients with incomplete treatment. Only completely cure wet wart to avoid the harm of card wet wart, then how to completely cure wet wart. Many patients with condyloma can not be completely cured, repeated recurrence, because the potential virus is not clean. 3. Endangering others. Wet warts not only harm patients themselves, but also harm others. When one of the couples suffers from a sexual disease, the chance of the other party being infected with the disease is as high as 70%. In addition, it may also be transmitted to family members through close contact in daily life. Therefore, if the family of patients with sex should pay attention to disinfection isolation, and even if there is no obvious symptoms, other family members should also go to the regular hospital for examination. Experts said: I hope everyone must be more prevention in daily life, so as not to happen to this disease in their own body, there should be a certain amount of control of sex ~ life, if you find yourself with symptoms of wet wart, please go to the regular hospital in time for diagnosis and treatment.