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What are the conditions for the implementation of performance appraisal?

2018-04-14 08:00:20

For enterprises, performance appraisal can be said to be crucial, properly applied, will promote the achievement of goals. On the contrary, it will have a negative impact, which will destroy the original harmonious and stable atmosphere of the enterprise and restrict the development of the enterprise. So what conditions should enterprises have to implement performance appraisal? First, effective communication and training is not before or after the assessment, communication should be throughout. Only through effective communication, can performance appraisal really play a guiding role, so that employees know why their performance is that way, and how to improve or carry forward in the future. Performance appraisal itself also needs training, not the concept of performance appraisal or specific appraisal techniques. It needs to be made clear to the people involved. Second, the objectivity of the assessment method should be 360-degree assessment as far as possible, and the assessment indicators should be quantified as far as possible to be objective and fair. At present, the overall strategy of human management has been mentioned more, which is not the connection link of talent reserve, its core is human management and enterprise selection, training, etc., must be in line with enterprise strategy, and performance assessment must be closely linked to enterprise strategy. Fourth, the full support of the top master the full support of the top master can play a role in promoting the assessment, if the top master does not support, good results can not be implemented, the assessment will actually become a mere formality. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain reasonable assessment results without the support of the top management. The formulation of various indicators is inseparable from the active participation of employees at all levels. Otherwise, the formulation of reasonable assessment indicators can only be an empty talk. The achievement of evaluation indicators that combine results and performance is related to many factors. For a more comprehensive assessment. Generally, the assessment method combining process and result is adopted. It depends on the final result. It also depends on the degree of effort. Perhaps employees are more concerned about how the results of the appraisal will affect them. The influence of salary is an important aspect that cannot be ignored. Evaluation results must be linked to salary. Only in this way can it really play a motivating role and employees will really pay attention to assessment.