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What are the brands of the watch: [2]

2018-03-22 19:12:40

Today we introduce to you the top 10 luxury brands in the watch world. With their extremely exquisite appearance, impeccable quality and household name recognition, they create a classic, high-profile and unlimited luxury watch. 1. The blue blood aristocracy in watches - Patek Philippe Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is the only remaining watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland, completely operated by the family independently, with a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. Patek Philippe has always attached importance to the shape design and production process, enjoying comprehensive freedom of innovation in the overall process of design, production and assembly, and following the excellent vision of the brand founder Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean-Adrien Philippe. With extraordinary professional skills, adhering to the tradition of quality innovation, to create a global clock masterpiece praised by the world's experts. The watchmaking process is all originally completed in Geneva, and has more than 80 technical patents so far, and is the only brand in the world whose entire movement has been awarded the "Geneva Seal". 2. Maltese Cross - Vacheron Constantin, founded in 1755, is the world's oldest watchmaker and one of the world's most famous watches, with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Vacheron Constantin only produces more than 20,000 a year, and the cross mark on its dial, like the Swiss national emblem, is already a symbol of taste, status and wealth. The founder asked Mark. Jean-Marc Vacheron (Jean-Marc Vacheron) is a profound humanist, with his prophetic vision and the ultimate watchmaking technology, and finally in the humanistic and talented watch kingdom - Switzerland, obtained the opportunity to take the lead in the establishment of the famous Jiang Shi Denton to focus on the humanistic spirit and historical inheritance. In the long years of watchmaking, it has long become a symbol of elegance. 3. Three golden bridge the tourbillon - GP girard-perregaux table GP girard-perregaux table, girard-perregaux/pull in Switzerland in 1791, the seal was set up, is the world's second oldest real TAB. Jean-Francois Bautte and Constant Girard are the two founders of GP Girard. At the end of the 18th century, Bautte introduced the ultra-thin watch, which will be reduced to a complex combination of parts, and the wonderful technology is amazing. Constant is more focused on technology improvement, he continues to design more elaborate timing mechanisms, but also buried in the study of more complex movements, so that the famous "three gold bridge tourbillon" came out, becoming a representative of GP Girard-Peregrino watches. 4. Audemars Piguet -- Audemars Piguet is one of the world's top three watchmaking brands. Founded in 1875 in the Swiss Jura Valley in the village of Le Brassus (Le Brassus), is a local independent family business, is one of the world's most famous watches. Jules Louis, 1875. Jules-Louis Audemars and his friend Edouard Augusti. Edward-Auguste Piguet co-founded Audeuwatch. The concept they adhere to creates a unique vision for the brand and leaves a classic and meaningful legacy. To this day, the family business is still managed by the descendants, the inspiration is passed on in the blood, and the passion for watchmaking is not reduced. In 1972, Audeudets launched the high-end sports watch series "Royal Oak" made of pure steel, which became a classic in the watch industry. Audemars has a watch school in Switzerland, where each apprentice must complete a 4-year course in order to qualify as a watchmaker. In addition, it takes one to two years of training to make ultra-thin movements, and another 10 years of training to start making complex movements. 5. Mechanical Watch expert - IWC, founded in 1868, is known as the "mechanical watch expert", and every WWC watch has to undergo 28 independent tests. The founder was an American named Florentin. Florentine A Jones. For 136 years, IWC has devoted itself to watchmaking in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. To create timeless classic works, its design and technology in the same industry has been the driving force for creating many brilliant achievements. The extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship derived from Wangowatch is not only a symbol of Schaffhausen's excellent and pure craftsmanship, but also reflects Wanguo's consistent adherence to its purpose. 6. Cartier SA is a French watch and jewelry manufacturer founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier at 31 Rue Montorgueil in Paris, with a history of more than 150 years. In 1888, Cartier tried a mechanical women's watch on a gold bracelet encrusted with diamonds. In 1938, Cartier made the world's smallest watch and gave it to Princess Elizabeth of England. Over the past hundred years, Cartier, known as "the emperor's jeweler, the emperor of jewelers", has still created many exquisite and unparalleled masterpieces for mankind with its extraordinary creativity and perfect craft. 7. A "labor" forever - Rolex Rolex is a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorf and Davis (W&D), It was founded in 1905 in London by Hans Wilsdof, a German, and Alfred Davis, a Briton. In 1908, Rolex was registered as a trademark in Switzerland. In the 1920s, Rolex developed waterproof watches. In 1953, Rolex introduced a diving watch designed specifically for divers. Rolex watch design in line with solemn, practical, not flashy style, by a large number of people love. In the mechanical watch era of the 20th century, Rolex has been the leader of the global watch industry. Today, superior craftsmanship and technology still make Rolex maintain a leading position in the watch industry. Rolex has branches in more than 20 cities around the world, with annual production reaching about 1 million, and sales ranking firmly in the leading position of the Swiss watch industry. Rolex's two watch market is also quite hot, because Rolex's precision and ultra-high durability, attracting countless users, often in the watch circle, Rolex fans often use a word to describe Rolex: a "labor" forever. 8. Since its founding in 1833 in Vallee de Joux, Switzerland, Jaeger-Lecoultre Watches has not only been a defender of traditional watchmaking, but also one of the pioneers in the field of precision timekeeping technology and design. The brilliant brand history of Jaeger-Lecoultre began in 1833, when the self-taught watchmaker Anthony Lacoult invented the micron meter with a measuring accuracy of 1/1000 mm, which greatly improved the processing accuracy of watch parts. Jaeger-lecoulasse introduced the world's thinnest mechanical movement in 1907 and the world's smallest mechanical movement in 1929. Jaeger-lecoultre's 1931 watch designed for polo players is a rare classic among high-end watches. Outstanding quality, innovative concepts and exquisite workmanship make Jaeger-Lecoult watches a leader in the industry. 9. Only make mechanical watches - Blancand Blancand's slogan is "Only make mechanical watches". Blanco is the oldest and oldest surviving watch brand, built in 1735, and is currently the most complex and versatile fully handmade mechanical watch in the world. Blancpain has not produced a quartz watch since 1735, and this purpose will remain unchanged until the end! Since 1930, Blancpain has been convinced that women have a strong appreciation for magical mechanical watches, so Blancpain's traditional Haute Horlogerie women's watch has a rich and varied history. Over the past nearly a century, Blancpain has made countless achievements in this field, including the first self-winding watch for women, the smallest circular winding movement and, most recently, the world's thinnest calendar. In the past many years, Blancpain has also often witnessed the eternal moment of love by designing high-end limited edition Valentine's Day watches. Blancpain watches have evolved from pure timekeeping tools at the beginning into jewelry inlaid with jewelry or jewelry with a unique style. It is no accident that this transformation bears witness to the development trajectory of the substitute watch industry, and for many years the hearts of many women have been beating along with the soft rhythm of the mechanical winding movement of Blancpain. 10. Count Count, this top watch that is coveted by countless families today, experienced nearly a hundred years of development before it took off. Since its birth in 1874, Piaget has been adhering to the brand spirit of "always do better than required", integrating exquisite craftsmanship and unlimited creativity into every piece of work, while prioritizing the development of creativity and the pursuit of detail, completely integrating the craftsmanship of watches and jewelry. Piaget originally specialized in the research and manufacture of watch movements, and later extended this exquisite skill to jewelry craftsmanship, so that it was able to launch its first jewelry watch in the 1960s. Piaget has a constant ability to excel and excel, particularly in the development of rare, precious and unique works. Piaget is able to capture the spirit of time, and each watch and jewelry piece is a relentless search for exquisite craftsmanship driven by courage, professionalism and imagination.